24h of live stream

Yes, we were streaming for 24h about Liferay DXP and Liferay Portal 7.3 (and previous versions). All kinds of technical information that might be of interest for you. You might have missed it, but luckily we have it all recorded - and the recordings are available for you:

7:00 - 19:00 UTC (Session 1, with chapter marks)

19:00 - 7:00 UTC (Session 2, with chapter marks)

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The Frontend Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy: Integrating a Real-world App in DXP

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Carlos Lancha

2020-09-24 10:20 UTC

Developers. This was presented at past DevCon and showcases how to bring a pure React/Angular application into DXP

Modern front-end frameworks like React and Angular make it painless to create interactive and complex UIs and their ecosystems have seen continuous growth over the years making it a great choice for your frontend development. In this session you will learn how your team can leverage their existing React and Angular knowledge to build rich applications with ease, using pure frontend tools like create-react-app, angular-cli and Liferay’s own js-toolkit. Explore how you can connect your application with your business side logic using our Headless APIs and leverage DXP’s out-of-the-box features such as localization, configuration and authentication.

Developing Web Applications on Liferay using ReactJS and Headless API

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Alexa Javellana + Maurice James Sepe

2020-09-25 0:30 UTC

The audience will be oriented on 2 main topics; ReactJS portlets and Headless API. We will be teaching them two different methods of deploying ReactJS portlets on Liferay, as well as common errors and how to troubleshoot them. As for Headless API, we will be discussing how to create a headless API module for a service and how we can customize it to support search. To conclude, we will be working with the audience in connecting these two modules into a complete full-stack application (Reservation System).

How the new Community site was built

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Javier Gamarra

2020-09-25 06:15 UTC

The new Community Site (also called Questions) was built using React + GraphQL served and using Liferay.

We'll see how to build a similar site and many tips regarding React in Liferay, how to interact with the GraphQL endpoint, use permissions, combine queries, use Apollo... everything powered by Liferay.