24h of live stream

Yes, we were streaming for 24h about Liferay DXP and Liferay Portal 7.3 (and previous versions). All kinds of technical information that might be of interest for you. You might have missed it, but luckily we have it all recorded - and the recordings are available for you:

7:00 - 19:00 UTC (Session 1, with chapter marks)

19:00 - 7:00 UTC (Session 2, with chapter marks)

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Introducing the Info Framework: Leveraging Modern Site Building with custom content types

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Jorge Ferrer

2020-09-24 11:10 UTC

The audience of this session is developers of solutions based on Liferay. Specially for those who... 
  1. have found cases where you needed a full custom portlet to support a custom content type or a custom entity in general, but it didn't really have any special functionality,
  2. have tried to leverage the Asset Framework but found it too complex or maybe had limitations that didn't match their needs
  3. love the new features built by the Modern Site Building project and would like your business users to leverage them not just for Web Content, Blogs and Documents, but also for custom entities in your project
  4. are interested in learning the newest kid in the block in the family of Liferay's frameworks and how we are applying everything we've learned all these years.

Providing custom asset selection with Information List Providers

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Jan Binder

2020-09-24 13:15 UTC

The Liferay Asset Publisher provides a huge amount of possibilities to customize which assets you want to display. But it falls short when it comes to e.g. display assets based on individual user preferences (e.g. personal interests). We built a solution for this based on Info List Providers. Users can select interests (based on Liferay categories) and the Info List Provider uses that information to filter the asset list.
With Information List Providers it is possible to programmatically adjust your scope and flexibly pick the desired assets based on your needs or the customers desires. They are part of the Liferay Info Framework and can hugely ease the use of Asset Publishers but even if they provide great ways to pick the documents and contents you want there are some things that are not available and should be considered when thinking of using them in your Liferay application.

In this session you can learn more on how to use Information List Providers. Which options and restrictions there are and what we have learned from working with them.