24h of live stream

Yes, we were streaming for 24h about Liferay DXP and Liferay Portal 7.3 (and previous versions). All kinds of technical information that might be of interest for you. You might have missed it, but luckily we have it all recorded - and the recordings are available for you:

7:00 - 19:00 UTC (Session 1, with chapter marks)

19:00 - 7:00 UTC (Session 2, with chapter marks)

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Evan Thibodeau + Olaf Kock

2020-09-25 04:50 UTC

It feels like there's an infinite number of OSGi extension points, that can be utilized to quickly and easily add the functionality you've always been missing. And even better: Those features are just added to the platform - they don't change anything at all, so they're easy to maintain.

Both Evan and Olaf like to extract simple ideas into individual modules and will talk about their ways of exploring the API and the possibilities of the platform. Where Evan comes more from the frontend side of the equation, Olaf rather prefers work on the backend - so they each bring their unique perspective.