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With great fanfare and excitement we are happy to once again announce the return of /dev/24!! This event brings you perspectives, insights and techniques from Liferay Community members around the globe.

Presentation Submission

​​We have a lot of space in the venue, so we are able to bring in late submissions. Want to brag about what you did? This is the event to do so. Or bring it to the Unconference on Dec 1

29.+30. November 2022

A classic conference, conducted on Workadventure. That means that there will be a lot of conversation alongside the presentations. Bring your webcam and headset

1. December 2022

If you've ever been at Devcon's or NAS's Unconference: We'll have one again, on Workadventure, on 1 December. The agenda will be built in the first hour of the event - so if you miss any part of the event: Make sure it's not this opportunity to submit your own topic

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Content with tag react .

Raylife D2C -> a fully functional 7.4 app you can use today

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Matthew Hartel (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 16:02 UTC


Looking for sample app built using low code? An app you can provision in 15 minutes?

The Raylife D2C (direct to consumer) portal reflects an insurance industry trend for users to go through the quote-and-bind process online without needing an agent. The D2C solution heavily leverages out of the box Liferay 7.4 functionality. D2C is built with “low code” features, such as Liferay Objects and the power of the React development framework using Remote Apps - all delivered via Site Initializer.

Ready to go from the latest release of Liferay DXP.

Behind Testray 2, how we are rewriting a software using 7.4

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Keven Leone and Wellington Barbosa (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 17:04 UTC

The talk will be show topics related to 7.4, Remote App, Objects and React, in the development of a Remote Application, rewriting a software written 7 years ago using Liferay Portal 7.1 in a brand new software architecture, turned to 7.4 stack

Building a React-based Multilingual, Multi-page Loan Request App with Objects Datasource

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Wesley Kempa (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-30 21:56 UTC


To learn about an example of a multi-step react component that leverages getting and posting Liferay Object data. This component also contains translated content for French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English based on the user's Liferay language settings.

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While we're preparing the 2022 event (and long after we're done with it) you can find the full 2020 content and 2021 content on their respective archived pages