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2022 Agenda

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Click to REST - From no code to a REST API

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Luis Miguel Barcos and Carlos Correa (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 12:06 UTC

Traditionally, Liferay developers are used to creating REST APIs with the REST Builder, having to code all the endpoints, and defining its API. In this talk, we will show how to create REST APIs with no code, and no API definition. All of it will be created automagically by Liferay with just a few clicks.

How to do that?

With the power of our no-code approximation: Liferay Objects.

Liferay Objects and Workflows - Guest submitted content validation

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Fabian Bouché (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 13:18 UTC

We'll implement a web application allowing guest users to submit contributions which will undergo a validation process before being published on the home page gallery.
This talk will illustrate how you can combine Liferay Objects, the new Form Components capability and Workflows (and there's a bit of permission management as well).
Some of those features are very new and a bit rough around the edges. That's why I wanted to share with you what you need to be careful about.

Raylife D2C -> a fully functional 7.4 app you can use today

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Matthew Hartel (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 16:02 UTC


Looking for sample app built using low code? An app you can provision in 15 minutes?

The Raylife D2C (direct to consumer) portal reflects an insurance industry trend for users to go through the quote-and-bind process online without needing an agent. The D2C solution heavily leverages out of the box Liferay 7.4 functionality. D2C is built with “low code” features, such as Liferay Objects and the power of the React development framework using Remote Apps - all delivered via Site Initializer.

Ready to go from the latest release of Liferay DXP.

Creating a low code sample application using Client Extensions, Objects and mobile app

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José Abelenda (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 17:40 UTC

In this presentation we will see how to create an application using Liferay low code concepts as Client Extension, Objects and connect a mobile app to our application on DXP.

Validating Object entries with Expression Builder

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Nara Andrade and Carlos Montenegro (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 20:02 UTC

The audience will learn how to create an Object, add fields to it and compose validations to its entries. This presentation is applicable to anyone interested in developing and showcasing low-code solutions.

Using low-code and a Proxy to recreate Partner Portal

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Jair Medeiros and Thaynam Lázaro (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 20:28 UTC

In this talk we will show how we used the Liferay 7.4 features, Site Initializer, Objets, Low-code components and a proxy with Saleforce to recreate the Liferay's Partner Portal.

From Service Builder to Objects

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Louis-Guillaume Durand (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-30 16:22 UTC

In this session you will see how to move your data created using Service Builder to Liferay Objects, and explore the options you have to perform that on your own projects

Objects Actions - Creating a custom action type

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Mateus Santana and Guilherme Camacho (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-30 17:34 UTC

We’ll show how the actions feature works and how it was implemented. During this walk-through, we'll create a new action type and apply it to some Liferay Object to see it working. This way the audience would be able to see how easy this process is.

Building a React-based Multilingual, Multi-page Loan Request App with Objects Datasource

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Wesley Kempa (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-30 21:56 UTC


To learn about an example of a multi-step react component that leverages getting and posting Liferay Object data. This component also contains translated content for French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English based on the user's Liferay language settings.

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