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2022 Agenda

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Integrate and Exchange Data

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Igor Bešlić and Sergio Jiménez (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 11:30 UTC

This short session intends to update audience with the latest improvements we had done to our data integration infrastructure. How to use REST API and external tools to design and create Liferay Objects and later share structure and data. Very useful if one want to recreate production environment locally, or to publish local work to production.

Click to REST - From no code to a REST API

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Luis Miguel Barcos and Carlos Correa (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 12:06 UTC

Traditionally, Liferay developers are used to creating REST APIs with the REST Builder, having to code all the endpoints, and defining its API. In this talk, we will show how to create REST APIs with no code, and no API definition. All of it will be created automagically by Liferay with just a few clicks.

How to do that?

With the power of our no-code approximation: Liferay Objects.

Put your templates at REST

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Alejandro Tardín (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-30 12:43 UTC

Traditionally, self hosted instances of Liferay could make use of serviceLocator in templates to access information. In the SaaS world, this is not possible for security and multitenancy reasons. To fulfill this need we have developed restClient, an object that will let you leverage all the power of the headless APIs from your templates.

Audience: Developers, specially those familiar with templates.

Building a React-based Multilingual, Multi-page Loan Request App with Objects Datasource

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Wesley Kempa (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-30 21:56 UTC


To learn about an example of a multi-step react component that leverages getting and posting Liferay Object data. This component also contains translated content for French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English based on the user's Liferay language settings.

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While we're preparing the 2022 event (and long after we're done with it) you can find the full 2020 content and 2021 content on their respective archived pages