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2022 Agenda

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Walking through the <Walkthrough/>

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Daniel Sanz (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 15:37 UTC

Frontend developers and site creators are encouraged to attend this presentation, where we'll show the initial version of the walkthough DXP component, which allows to define walk through steps to showcase any relevant feature present across DXP site pages. Component integrated in DXP platform via site-level settings, making it possible to configure it declaratively using a simple JSON descriptor. Platform delivers the necessary machinery to inject it transparently when users navigate the site.

Component, implemented in React from native clay components, allows to define navigation steps, each step highlights a particular DOM element in the page, giving users a chance to read the details about that particular part in the UI. Several steps can be defined, and users can navigate through them, even if thew span across different site pages. Some options are provided to control component behavior.

We'll see component working live, take a look to the main code pointers and discuss some future lines of work to evolve it to a more usable version.

Using low-code and a Proxy to recreate Partner Portal

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Jair Medeiros and Thaynam Lázaro (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-29 20:28 UTC

In this talk we will show how we used the Liferay 7.4 features, Site Initializer, Objets, Low-code components and a proxy with Saleforce to recreate the Liferay's Partner Portal.

How to build your brand without creating a new theme in 7.4

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Roselaine Marques (Budapest Theater)

2022-11-30 20:08 UTC

This talk is not only for Front-end developers, this session is for all people who are involved in Liferay Portal Projects. Learn how we could speed up building the front-end side for Liferay Portals. Avoid the need for your or your team to know and learn how to work our theme project structure, let the old go and learn the new one, taking advantage of Fragments, Style book, Master Page Templates...

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While we're preparing the 2022 event (and long after we're done with it) you can find the full 2020 content and 2021 content on their respective archived pages