Back CVE-2022-28977 HtmlUtil.escapeRedirect circumvention with multiple forward slash


HtmlUtil.escapeRedirect in Liferay Portal 7.3.1 through 7.4.2 can be circumvented by using multiple forward slashes, which allows remote attackers to redirect users to arbitrary external URLs via the (1) 'redirect` parameter (2) `FORWARD_URL` parameter, and (3) others parameters that rely on HtmlUtil.escapeRedirect.


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Liferay Portal 7.4: There is no patch available for Liferay Portal 7.4. Instead, users should upgrade to Liferay Portal 7.4 GA4 (

Liferay Portal 7.3: Source patch for Liferay Portal 7.3.7 GA8 (7.3.7) is available on GitHub. Details for working with source patches can be found on the Patching Liferay Portal page.

Publication date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 16:00:00 +0000

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