Rich Sezov | 24 Oct 2007

Wow, horror of horrors, I got my blog page up!   I'm a fairly new Liferay employee, and it looks like the first thing I need to do is replace my image. Currently, it's the mug shot my old employer took for my ID card. :-)    Well, this first entry is just a test anyway. Testing....1..2..3..testing!

David Truong | 24 Oct 2007

"I took a look at jboss portal and concluded that nothing is wrong with liferay, haha" - bui smart guy haha

Nate Cavanaugh | 24 Oct 2007

One of the most annoying things of late has been the slow "glacial" pace of the W3C, which is the standards body for HTML/CSS. It's been bandied about by most professional web devs in the blogosphere that while Flash has gone through 9 versions of it's software in the past 10 years, HTML 4 has not changed, and CSS 3 has not even been finished, let alone implemented in any consistent...

James Min | 24 Oct 2007

You don't have to be a DBA to get Oracle 10G set up for Liferay. If you just want to get something simple up and running quickly for your Ubuntu machine, just follow this guide: [ This guide adapted from ]   Basics Add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list file:   deb unstable main...

Caris Chan | 24 Oct 2007

Hello blogging world.  I've made contact.

Brian Chan | 24 Oct 2007

It's weird. I just had another one of those nights. I couldn't help myself. I just had to stay up late and keep coding. An idea here. A message post there. Ba DING. Ok. Gotta go code it. I just can't help myself. I think this is what makes open source unique. We work on our code when no one makes us do it. We stay up late at night because it's fun for us. And it's even better when...

David Truong | 23 Oct 2007

more scaffolding ant tasks that will fill in all those annoying xmls for us and create a basic portlet action better urls... i know why we have the ones we have and why we need them but we need to figure out a way to simplify them even more... as the home page without any apache url rewrites would be lovely ...

Brett Swaim | 22 Oct 2007

I got through gate security just fine. Next time I know that flying without ID is called flying "selectee". I can simply go to the agent and the ticket counter and tell them I am flying selectee and I'm good to go. As an aside, since the TSA takes you aside and searches your carryons and such they take you right to the front. On a busy day, that has to be faster than actually flying...

James Min | 21 Oct 2007

When it comes to being wired, the US is in the stone ages. No joke.I've been reading this series of articles on CNN the past few weeks: Eye on South Korea. It's a series that highlights the cutting edge stuff going on in a country that only 3 or 4 decades ago was still considered a 3rd world nation. Only 10 years ago was the Asian Financial Crisis (some refer to this as the "IMF...

Ivan Cheung | 19 Oct 2007

What is Liferay? Liferay is the reason I'm here in Dalian.   What is Dalian? It's the city that has welcomed us to the Middle Kingdom, but it's also a place with interesting geography. This second tier city is a peninsula boasting clean water and blue skies. Mounds of green hills scatter the city, a remarkable addition to the scenery you'd enjoy out of our twelfth floor...

Brett Swaim | 18 Oct 2007

Today is the day I will try to fly home with no ID. I will be handing my ID to my co-worker and he will walk through security with it. I will keep you updated as time goes on with the status of my flight plans, and in the end if I succeed or not.

James Min | 17 Oct 2007

"What? Liferay Portal source build in about 2 1/2 minutes, you say? How?"Well, first of all, I'm on Ubuntu Linux which is more efficient than Windoze in file I/O and management. So the packing and unpacking of JAR files is much faster. But on top of that, I swapped out Jikes for the ECJ compiler as outlined...

James Min | 15 Oct 2007

Traveling a lot lately, I've had to take some measures to get some American TV. So I set up a SlingBox with my TiVo HD Series 3 back home. I would have tried to set up a MythTV box with the streaming plugin, but I simply had no time. And as well, MythTV doesn't work with the cable cards (as far as I know). Anyhow, I got SlingBox/TiVo working beautifaully, but the SlingPlayer client has...

Brian Chan | 15 Oct 2007


James Min | 14 Oct 2007

Guten tag aus Deutschland! I've had a very busy week, training and traveling, but I found some time today to blog. Just a few pics from the training session I gave in Hamburg, and our office in Frankfurt, Germany:   Outside Hamburg Hbf (main) station: Hamburg Hbf From the train:     ===   Liferay Europe Office:   ...

James Min | 11 Oct 2007

I was looking for a while for something small, fast, and with some decent space. Finally found this:     160GB, 2 MB buffer, 5400 RPM, USB2.0, and it is powered via the same USB cable. NICE! 7.2 x 6.3 x 3 inches ; 3.7 ounces, it is about the size of a Nintendo DS Lite. NICE! They just came out with a 250GB version.   I highly rec'd this if you travel...

James Min | 10 Oct 2007

Some pics from the guys in the new China office:     Training sessions:    

James Min | 10 Oct 2007

I'm listening to and watching a lot of podcasts lately. Here's what's on my iPod:Yeah, yeah... I still listen to Loveline... ever since my high school days late at night on KROQ. I wish they brought back the full hour free though. That 10-minute sample stuff blows.My fav these days is GeekBrief with Callie Lewis! OMG, she is really up-to-date on her gadget and techie know-how, and...

Nate Cavanaugh | 10 Oct 2007

Pagination sweeping the nation. Well, Liferay version 4.3.3 has come out with 2 new "features" (they're more improvements), but I was really happy with how they came out. The first one is that we've fixed our horrendous paging mechanism. The old way of selecting pages was annoying to say the least. Let's revisit our old friend: That beast is simple and all, and I love me some...

Nate Cavanaugh | 02 Oct 2007

One thing I've wished was a reality for Mail applications is to highlight all messages by a certain sender. I know everyone sorts and groups their emails differently, but I would think that sorting messages by Date is one of the most common.Sure, some people sort by title, some by Read or Unread status, but by far the most common use case I've seen is to sort by date, so you know...