Bryan Cheung | 18 Jul 2016

Today I’m writing to announce that we are discontinuing support for Liferay Connected Services and Audience Targeting for Liferay Portal 7 Community. The main factor behind the decision was the lack of community adoption for both offerings.    Regarding Audience Targeting, there was low adoption by community members compared with most other...

David H Nebinger | 05 Apr 2017

So I'm a long-time supporter of ServiceBuilder.  I saw its purpose way back on Liferay 4 and 5 and have championed it in the forums and here in my blog. With the release of Liferay 7, ServiceBuilder has undergone a few changes mostly related to the OSGi modularization.  ServiceBuilder will now create two modules, one API module (comparable to the old service jar w/ the...

Maarten van Heiningen | 29 Sep 2016

This blog is part of a series of entries on Mobile First with Liferay Screens. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]     Mobile First with Liferay Screens   Mobile has changed the world and will go on doing so for the foreseeable future. A stream of new mobile devices and operating systems is putting pressure on organizations to meet the high expectations...

Koen Olaerts | 11 Jul 2016

So you want to search for your custom JPA entities in Liferay? Quite some documentation is already available but it is somewhat scattered over several blogposts and articles. With this blogpost I would like to give you a summary of everything you need to do, or more precisely everything we did, to make custom JPA entities searchable in the standard Liferay Search...

Victor Zorin | 24 Jul 2016

Having completed a few digital transformation projects in federal, state and local government, we would like to share a few insights. Digital transformation in government is considered to be a major undertaking. We have seen serious moves in this area in the UK and it is brewing here in Australia with the establishment of the Digital Transformation Office. Existing technology...

David H Nebinger | 10 Nov 2017

It's going to happen.  At some point in your LR7 development, you're going to build a module which has runtime dependencies.  How do you satisfy those dependencies though? In this brief blog entry I'll cover some of the options available... So let's say you have a module which depends upon iText (and it's dependencies).  It doesn't really matter what your module...

Neil Griffin | 02 Sep 2016

UPDATE: September 2, 2016 - Visit for a convenient web page that helps you determine your archetype:generate command and/or required dependencies. The Liferay Faces team is working on production support for JSF portlets in Liferay Portal 7.0 and Liferay DXP. As part of this effort, we have developed some archetypes for use with Maven 3. For a plain ...

David Truong | 11 Jul 2016

There's been some confusion over state of Maven support for Liferay. As the Product Manager for Developer Tools, I feel responsible for the confusion and felt the need to clear up any questions. Will Liferay support Maven development for 6.1, 6.2, and 7.0? Short answer, yes, most definitely! In 6.1 and 6.2, we’ve been provided support through liferay-maven-support plugin....

Javeed Chida | 04 Jul 2016

I came across the idea of a generic template recently, and put it to good use.  If you don't know what I mean by generic template, let me clear that up right away.   A generic template is really just a content template that is not tied to a structure. The point of it is that you can sparate your template code as you see fit, including the generic...

Melanie Chung | 15 Jul 2016

Liferay Symposium North America will be held at the Hilton Chicago this year on September 26 - 27. Ideally located in Downtown Chicago, the Hilton is known as one of the finest hotels in the area, offering full amenities and high-end services. Its spacious rooms are comfortable and perfect for relaxing after a full conference day and viewing the Chicago cityscape. Today, the...

Zeno Rocha | 20 Jun 2016

If you have been in touch with the Liferay community in the past years, you've probably heard about Senna.js before. We first introduced this project in late 2014 and since then we've been anxiously waiting for Liferay 7 and DXP to be released so we could talk more about it. Now it's a good time to see what this project brings to the table. Ok, so what is Senna.js? ...

Daniel Tyger | 27 Jun 2016

We recently had a request for our users to be able to check if their email address has been a victim of a known data breach per the awesome API and data stores provided at Here is the API: and some background story of this project and why it's worthwhile. There are some already-written consumer examples...

Angela Wu | 01 Jul 2016

  A Conversation with Customers: Liferay Digital Experience Platform As digital transformation continues to inform the way we live, work, and play, we expect companies and brands to understand what we're looking for. Businesses have a great opportunity to hear their customers, understand the problems they face, and give them the right solution to...

deveshree zawar | 27 Jun 2016

Plugin is the core of Liferay portal development in its various forms. “Plug-in” as the word enunciates is an add-on to perform additional features. It can be blended into an application to enhance primary capabilities. Liferay provides a wide variety of Out Of Box (OOB) features and ways of integration with external parties using its very own Marketplace plugins like: ...

Deependra Singh | 13 Jun 2016

In the leading edge digital world comprising of various applications built upon a portal technology, we land up to a situation of performance testing of the application. There-in we need users in bulk to be created for a load run which is a time consuming task with the manual process. In this scenario we can have a query to dump users into the corresponding tables in the Liferay...

Jamie Sammons | 13 Jun 2016

I am pleased to announce the release of:  Liferay Portal 7.0 CE GA2!  [Download] What's New Inline Image Editor: The new image editor allows for simple image editing directly from within Liferay eliminating the need for an external tool while creating content.  Easily resize, crop and make colors adjustments to any image...

Kang Wei Soo | 09 Jun 2016

Liferay itself provides Out-Of-The-Box (OOTB) themes enabling organizations to build quick time-to-market customer engaging sites. There are times where organizations would like to build their own theme to fit their corporate branding. When building such theme, there is usually a need to style the search bar. Details in creating a Liferay Theme can be found here Thanks to the...

Kang Wei Soo | 08 Jun 2016

I am thinking of what to write for my first blog. Since I have just been asked on how to deploy a Liferay plugin in Liferay on Oracle Welogic 12c Application Server, I am thinking I may as well document my findings here so that the information is not lost. However, the steps mentioned here does not apply for some types of plugin especially Liferay Hooks and, of course, Extension. ...

Sushil Patidar | 06 Jun 2016

Role is basically a set of permissions. When a Role is assigned to a User, he is capable to do whatever permitted to that Role. Liferay provide well defined roles and permissions architecture that can be managed from control panel. Through this blog I wanted to describe how user are associated to roles directly or indirectly through Site, Organization and User Groups. 1)Regular...

Neil Jin | 04 Jun 2016

业内知名门户(Portal)软件商Liferay已经将新产品重命名为DXP - 数字体验平台,剑指数字体验市场。   这种转变其实并不是Liferay特有的,它更像是一种自然演化。“传统portal中的功能,已无法满足当今客户的功能需求,在Liferay平台上我们需要持续开发和整合这些需求功能。所以基于这些转变,我们需要重定义我们在市场中的位置。”Liferay首席执行官,Bryan Cheung如是说。   Chueng说,当我们在观察分析自己的案例时候,发现我们已经朝着数字体验管理方向转变了。但是从某些角度看,Liferay却有着其他数字体验平台不具备的特性。   ...