gulnaaz Shaik | 17 Nov 2017

To create a theme in liferay 7, Theme generator needs to be installed. For installing theme generator and to make it work, follow these steps : 1. Download Node.js from the link  Along with node js NPM packages also gets installed. To verify if  node.js and npm are installed open command prompt and check the node js and...

Javeed Chida | 12 Dec 2016

(or) Why categories are so much more than nestable tags "I LOVE tags," Jaffer managed despite a mouthful of spiced lamb ouzie.   Sergei was finding the younger guest a bit annoying. The kid had ambled in from the snow to get a bite. Sergei himself had come in to escape the noise that seasoned other cafeterias. He fancied Abou Shousha's...

Neeraj Gautam | 08 Dec 2016

Unit testing and Integration Testing for service builder is one of the most searchable content across internet. I have found many forums, posts, wiki and even github codes but none of them seems to be working with Liferay DXP (or Liferay 7 CE) version.   Till Liferay 6.2 version, service builder always packaged as portlet which implies that it has access to portlet...

David H Nebinger | 06 Dec 2016

So the Liferay workspace is pretty handy when it comes to building all of your OSGi modules, themes, layout templates and yes, even your legacy code from the plugins SDK. But, when it comes to initializing a local bundle for deployment or building a dist bundle, using one of the canned Liferay 7 bundles from sourceforge may not cut it, especially if you're using Liferay DXP, or if...

Vikash Chandrol | 02 Dec 2016

Hi,   today i have done integration of jenkins using liferay 6.2. while setup jenkins need to be follow below steps: Download Jenkins software using below URL URL : (select downloads button on navigation bar)   Extract zip file and run Jenkins.exe file then put default password after installation ...

Eduardo P. Garcia | 06 Dec 2016

One more year, it's been great to meet many of you at our events. This time I dedicated one of my workshops to the migration of 6.2 plugin projects to Liferay 7.0. I knew that some of you had already started planning this migration and you would find it helpful, so thanks for the good feedback. And thank you even more for all your questions, as they help us know what your concerns...

James Hinkey | 29 Nov 2016

Whether you're new to developing on Liferay DXP Digital Enterprise 7.0 and Liferay Portal CE 7.0 or you've developed on previous versions of Liferay Portal, the latest additions and improvements to Liferay's reference docs are for you. New additions and improvements: Reference docs for DXP Digital Enterprise, DXP apps, and CE apps Improved Javadoc organization and...

Adrian Johnson | 30 Nov 2016

It isn’t possible to read a news article or open a newspaper without reading about Digital Transformation. From consultants and software vendors to infrastructure providers and analysts everyone is talking about digital transformation and how it can improve customer experience, increase revenue streams and improve operations. So what defines digital transformation? ...

Lauri Hiltunen | 22 Nov 2016

Software should be modular. It has been a core thought of developers and architects for quite a long time. The microservices style of development and deployment is a thing now, and different projects are taking the modularity from logical design also to physical level. There’s project Jigsaw that’ll offer a way to create modules in Java 9. Liferay is onboard with modularity as well,...

Koen Olaerts | 22 Nov 2016

At Coin we have developed SimpleEdit, a new and improved way for editing your documents stored in Alfresco or Liferay. Now that Liferay has moved on to DXP, we are in the process of upgrading SimpleEdit to this new platform. One of the required modules for SimpleEdit was a JSP hook that provided the user with buttons in the Documents section of the Control Panel and the...

Vikash Kumar | 17 Nov 2016

OutputStream outputStream = null; InputStream inputStream = null; try { DLFileEntry fileEntry = DLFileEntryLocalServiceUtil.getFileEntry(targetGroupId, folderId , filename); inputStream = DLFileEntryLocalServiceUtil.getFileAsStream(themeDisplay.getUserId(),fileEntry .getFileEntryId(), fileEntry .getVersion()); ...

Javeed Chida | 15 Nov 2016

In my last technical post titled Content SEO - Hidden in Plain Sight, I exposed a caveat in the way the title of a content item is auto-crafted by Liferay. Here’s an excerpt from that article, which I hope highlights the problem. If not, I encourage you to give that post a read..   Note that the Title specified is Young Night. But if you look at what got into the...

Gaurav Jain | 09 Nov 2016

Liferay 7 has been developed keeping modularity as the soul and core of development. This feature of Liferay 7 has made it quite usable and customizable. This modularity has provided liferay developers, the facility that they can customize(override) any back end functionality quite easily. In Liferay 7 you do not need to create any separate hooks, any xml-entries(in almost all the...

Travis Cory | 28 Jul 2017

People playing around with the new features of Liferay may have noticed something very interesting when creating web content structures. What is it you might ask? It is a way to embeded web content articles into other articles!   But wait, how do I use this stinking thing?   Using DDM Journal Article Structure   If you've already tried to...

David Truong | 19 Oct 2016

I mentioned last time in The State of Maven Development, that we were missing a few items for our Maven users. Well I have good news... You can now build themes in Maven! In pom.xml: <build> <plugins> <plugin> <artifactid>maven-dependency-plugin</artifactid> <executions> ...

Charles Lam | 19 Oct 2016

In my last Blog entry (First Day at the SPA) I showed how to create a simple Newsletter Signup Form with the JSON API and some AngularJs, and earned a relaxing day at the Spa, but now what? I still want more, more relaxing days at the pool, good and healthy food, muscle relaxing shiatsu massages, and still be able the deliver robust solutions. So how can you continue...

Kyle Joseph Stiemann | 22 Dec 2016

Single Page Applications with SennaJS and Liferay Faces One of Liferay 7’s most exciting new features is SennaJS, a Single Page Application engine. SennaJS makes the portal more user-friendly in many ways. For example, when a link is clicked and navigation occurs, SennaJS requests the necessary portlet markup via XHR and renders it in the browser so that the whole portal page is...

Marcos Castro | 13 Oct 2016

Hi everyone!   In our final entry of the series, we are happy to introduce a theme that you can use to create your own subscription site. Welcome to 1975 London!.     "A music site as example"   The new 1975 London theme includes an awesome site template with news and an album player to sit back and relax while listening to small...

Olaf Kock | 12 Oct 2016

You probably know the basic installation instructions for Liferay Bundles: „unzip and run“ - with this you get to a working Liferay installation in a minute. It will run with all defaults - which might not be what you want in production. This is part 5 of a series. All the chapters are linked at the bottom of this article - I recommend to start with chapter 1. This...

Sven Werlen | 11 Oct 2016

I recently played with Docker, CloudFoundry and decided to spend some time creating a docker image for Liferay DXP on Wildfly (i.e JBoss). I'm sharing my experience on this blog entry. Run Docker image Assuming you already have docker installed on your machine, you can easily run the docker image by executing the following command: docker run -it -p 8080:8080...