Allen Ziegenfus | 07 Apr 2017

Freemarker has some nice native support for working with JSON. And with the help of a few Liferay utility classes, it's very easy to even consume JSON web services from Freemarker. Note: you can view all of the example code on github: Converting JSON to Freemarker types Freemarker hashes and...

James Hinkey | 06 Apr 2017

Whether you've been developing on DXP: Digital Enterprise 7.0 or Liferay CE Portal 7.0, or are starting Liferay Poral EE/CE 6.2 plugin development, you'll need to configure your environment with a supported JDK and a compatible Ant installation. Here are some steps to help orient you for developing in the Liferay Plugins SDK 6.2. Check the Liferay Portal compatibility...

Mohammed yasin | 25 Apr 2017

Spring MVC Portlet will be requiring Internet for checking and creating beans from xsd's. In case we need to deploy and use Spring MVC Portlet without internet then we can achieve it by saving the xsd file in Liferay Tomcat server  and using this xsd  in application-context.xml. Steps  1. Download the Following  XSDs based on your version required ...

Fady Hakim | 02 Apr 2017

I did 9 videos to demostrate Liferay DXP and I uploaded them on youtube:   Video 1: Introduction to Liferay DXP and the Demo Video 2: Liferay DXP Page & Content creation, Content Templates , localization, Workflow. Video 3: Liferay DXP Content permission, Asset publisher, Search...

David H Nebinger | 11 Apr 2017

For the last few months as I've been working with Liferay 7 CE / Liferay DXP, I've been a little stymied trying to manage the complexities of the new OSGi universe. In Liferay 6.x, for example, an OOTB demo setup of Liferay comes with like 5 or 6 war files.  And when the portal starts up, they all start up. But with Liferay 7 CE and Liferay DXP, there are a lot of bundles...

Maarten van Heiningen | 22 Mar 2017

  Mobile First with Liferay Screens – part 4 Webinar: Mobile Strategy: Optimizing for the Connected Customer   Mobile apps have become an integral part of our communication with customers and personnel. After all, the best way of reaching people is on the devices they use the most: the smartphone and the tablet. With Liferay Screens, a mobile app is also...

David H Nebinger | 21 Mar 2017

For those of you deploying Liferay DXP to WebLogic, you will need to add an override property to your file to allow the WebLogic JAXB implementation to peer inside the OSGi environment to create proxy instances. I know, it's a mouthful, but it's all pretty darn technical. You'll know if you need this if you start seeing exceptions like: ...

Orsolya Kuti | 14 Mar 2017

A few weeks ago we introduced you our new portlet for Liferay 6.2 CE and now we’re happy to announce Smart Content for Liferay 6.2 EE as well with continuous product support and future version updates.   Our portlet has many new features and properties that let you display your content in a smart, creative and flexible way.  To try out, please download our 30 days...

Sushil Patidar | 11 Mar 2017

Portlet URL can be added using Portlet Tool Bar Contributor module. Here also osgi plays its magic of modularity. It can be implemented through OSGI service component. Service component can be either in same module or different one. Wiki page elaborate it through blade tool. Below are steps to implement it  through eclipse IDE.    Create Module Project and...

Jamie Sammons | 07 Mar 2017

Introduction Liferay Portal has been nominated for the SourceForge Project of the Month for April! Nominees are selected from projects that have recently been a Project of the Week, have a high total number of downloads in the previous month, are generally well-established and have positive user feedback. Should Liferay be elected as the Project of the Month, we will be...

David H Nebinger | 05 Mar 2017

Introduction So I've been working on some new Blade sample projects, and one of those is the Spring MVC portlet example. As pointed to in the Liferay documentation for Spring MVC portlets, these guys need to be built as war files, and the Liferay Workspace will actually help you get this work done. I'm going to share things that I learned while creating the sample which has...

David H Nebinger | 01 Mar 2017

Okay, this is probably going to be one of my shortest blog posts, but it's important. Some releases of Liferay have code to "infer" a portlet name if it is not specified in the component properties.  This actually conflicts with other pieces of code that also try to "infer" what the portlet name is. The problem is that they sometimes have different requirements; in one...

Zeno Rocha | 28 Feb 2017

  Every other year we have a company retreat where people from all over the world travel to California for a series of meetings and team building activities.   This is a very unique opportunity for us and we're always thinking about ways to maximize it. This time we decided to organize another internal hackathon. That way...

Sarai Diaz | 23 Oct 2018

Hi community! I’m Sarai Díaz, Software Engineer working at Madrid’s office in the Liferay Screens team! :) This is my first blog post and I want to tell you something... Native technology is a great choice to provide the best possible solution for your mobile customer experience but it’s not the only one. Nowadays there are many hybrid solutions like cross compiled, web based or...

Orsolya Kuti | 08 Mar 2017

Webtown is proud to introduce you Smart Content, an upgraded application for Liferay 6.2!     Our portlet has many new features and properties that let you display your content in a smart, creative and flexible way.   We gathered some of the best ones for you: Better content selection logic for an easy and fast selection Simplified content...

David H Nebinger | 25 Feb 2017

I'm taking a short hiatus from the design pattern series to cover a topic I've heard a lot of questions on lately - migrating 6.2 Service Builder wars to Liferay 7 CE / Liferay DXP. Basically it seems you have two choices: You can keep the Service Builder implementation in a portlet war. Any wars you keep going forward will have access to the service layer, but can you...

Neil Jin | 21 Feb 2017

原文:   原文作者: DAVID H NEBINGER     当你查看Liferay 7 CE/Liferay DXP源码时,你会看到大量不同的注解。当你除此看到这些注解的时候,可能会感觉到有些无所适从。所以我想写一些引用指导来解释这些注解是什么,并且在你自己的OSGi代码中什么时候使用比较合适。   ...

Kyle Joseph Stiemann | 17 Feb 2017

Farewell Juan! Juan Gonzalez announced that today is his last day as a Liferay employee. While he’ll still be part of the Liferay community, I think this is a nice opportunity for us to thank him for his work at Liferay and to wish him well on his next endeavor. Juan, After working with you for several years, I’m sad to see you go. You’re an incredibly passionate and...

David H Nebinger | 24 Feb 2017

Pattern: Multi-Scoped Data/Logic Intent The intent for this pattern is to support data/logic usage in multiple scopes. Liferay defines the scopes Global, Site and Page, but from a development perspective scope refers to Portal and individual OSGi Modules. Classic data access implementations do not support multi-scope access because of boundaries between the scopes. The...

Andy Wu | 17 Feb 2017

Hi all, We are happy to say that we have the new milestone for Liferay IDE 3.1 released as described in section Updates and Feedback in Liferay IDE 3.1 Milestone 1 Released. Go to to install the updatesite. If you want to download full Eclipse Neon bundled with Liferay IDE, just go to this page. The only...