Yasuyuki Takeo | 19 Oct 2017

Based on requests from internal or customers, I just created a document for integrating ADFS (on Windows 2012 R2) and Lifeary DXP with detailed steps. I hope this would be helpful for somebody struggling.    The steps are available on  my gist.  

David H Nebinger | 14 Oct 2017

So I've been home for almost a week now after having attended Devcon 2017 in Amsterdam. I have to give a shout out to Pascal Brusset and his entire team for putting on a great event. The venue was great, the sessions were great, and the speakers were great too. I especially want to thank them and all of Liferay for letting me attend and give a presentation, it has been one of the...

David H Nebinger | 14 Oct 2017

So last week I'm sitting in an Unconference session at DevCon in a group talking about OSGi. I don't remember how it came up, but we got on a discussion about deployment issues and someone asked about creating an LPKG file (the format Liferay uses to distribute a single artifact containing many bundles). I explained that it might be possible to create a file, but the problem was that...

Anderson Perrelli | 19 Oct 2017

  Well, I decided to write this post after breaking my head a lot (almost brains were flying everywhere), to be able to configure remote staging in a clustered environment. The staging is that feature that you love or hate, it's a case of love and hate, like a mexican novel style, where in the end everything is right and everyone lives happily forever :p ...

Kyle Joseph Stiemann | 03 Jan 2018

Key Takeaways From JavaOne 2017 Talks Here are some of the key takeaways that I learned from the talks I attended at JavaOne 2017: How to Use Java Cryptography API Securely by Mansi Sheth (video) The Java Cryptography API is quite powerful and up-to-date as of Java 8, however there are some pitfalls when using it. Mainly, the JavaDoc examples and API defaults tend to...

Petteri Karttunen | 19 Oct 2017

More than once I've been asked to customise Liferay search to be "simpler" and more "Google like".   In the first part of this blog series I'm going to create a custom search portlet from scratch and in the second part I’ll be discussing options to tune search behaviour like relevance.   First task in creating a custom...

James Hinkey | 19 Oct 2017

If you've been developing apps, hooks, and themes on Liferay Portal 6, you might be wondering whether you'll be able to develop apps the same way on DXP Digital Enterprise 7 and Liferay Portal CE 7. The answer is "yes"! You might also be curious whether Liferay's provided documentation that speaks to Liferay Portal 6 developers ready to transition to DXP Digital Enterprise and...

Bryan H Cheung | 19 Jul 2018

Background When we removed clustering from the GA release of LP7, we were trying to solve a specific problem. However, I knew even as I made the decision that this would frustrate smaller systems integrators in places like Southern and Eastern Europe, India, and Southeast Asia that work on small projects with implementation budgets of $30,000 or less and a fraction of that for each...

Sushil Patidar | 18 Dec 2017

OSGI Module Gradle Project We have worked on ANT and MAVEN with Liferay in previous versions. In Liferay DXP Gradle has been introduced. It is quite an interesting feature to learn with Liferay development. Gradle is powerful and wonderful tool, but due to lack of documentation to use with Liferay I sometimes stuck with dependencies resolutions. I explored it further to...

Bryan Cheung | 19 Jul 2018

Hello Liferay Community!  I'm here at the Liferay Unconference in Amsterdam, listening to Brett Swaim talk about his real world experiences with upgrades and Staging. Earlier, I ran into Darryl from Paris to catch up on his dancing career, and last night I got to see Corne for the first time in two years, which seems far too long!  Over the last 24 hours, Liferay people...

Olaf Kock | 03 Oct 2017

  Yay, another episode, and maybe in time to sweeten your trip to Devcon in Amsterdam. I spoke to Kristoffer Onias and Victor Ware. Both work on testing Liferay with different areas of interest. You'll hear quite a bit about what Liferay does internally on testing. I actually talked to them quite a while ago, and the episode has been sitting on my disk since then.The numbers...

Ivan Zaera | 06 Jun 2018

Dear Liferay Developers: We would like to share with you a new feature we have been working in very hard during the last months. As we all know, Liferay Portal’s current support for frontend development does not fully meet the expectations of the standard frontend developer. These expectations include leveraging npm, the most used package manager, to manage dependencies in...

Eduardo P. Garcia | 02 Oct 2017

One more year, Liferay Developer Conference (DEVCON) will bring together developers from all around the world to learn about Liferay, our platform, available tools and the people behind the product. The fifth edition of the Liferay DEVCON will take place in the historic Beurs van Berlage in the heart of Amsterdam. Featuring more than 40 in-depth sessions and technical...

Sandeep Sapra | 29 Sep 2017

Introduction Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP) provides feature to integrate with Corporate Single Sign on Server (SSO). SAML can be used to establish the same.  This article laid down the general steps required for the SSO configuration, where in Liferay DXP which will act as Service Provider and will establish SSO with Identity Server. Below steps are described with...

Kyle Joseph Stiemann | 26 Sep 2017

Hidden Features of Liferay Faces: The nativeWhenMobile Attribute of alloy:inputDate and alloy:inputTime One of my favorite lesser-known features of Liferay Faces Alloy is the the nativeWhenMobile attribute of alloy:inputDate and alloy:inputTime.1 When a user on a mobile device views an alloy:inputDate or alloy:inputTime with nativeWhenMobile="true", the inputDate or inputTime...

Manuel de la Peña | 20 Sep 2017

Hi Liferayers! We'd like to share with you that we have created non-official, public Docker images from our master branch! And we are releasing them every day. The rationale for pushing to a non-official, public repository is simple: anybody in the world could fetch and build the platform from Github, so why not making it easy for them, offering a Docker image with that...

Neil Griffin | 14 Sep 2017

On September 13, 2017 the Liferay Faces project received a maintenance release according to the new Liferay Faces Version Scheme. The maintenance release addresses 226 issues: 124 bugs fixed 7 regressions fixed 56 improvements completed 7 new features implemented 32 tasks completed Archetypes / Component Suites The maintenance release...

David H Nebinger | 08 Sep 2017

A quick note for those using SiteMinder and Liferay... Liferay likes the Tilde (~) character, and uses it quite often for friendly URLs and other reasons. When fronting with SiteMinder, though, you may run into return code 500 for URLs with the tilde character in them. This is actually a default SiteMinder configuration thing, SiteMinder treats tilde (and others) as "bad...

Yanan Yuan | 07 Sep 2017

Hello all, We are pleased to announce the third release for Liferay IDE and Studio Installers. This version is mainly for bug fixes.   Liferay IDE 3.1.2 GA3 You can update or install the new release of Liferay IDE using either of the following links as usual: If you have already installed one of...

Minhchau Dang | 07 Sep 2017

Many months later, it's time to continue the series on Liferay from Source. For this segment, we'll start with the following question: why would you have wanted to build from source in the first place? This particular series entry assumes that maybe you want to fix a bug that affects you. Or maybe you feel like there is a feature that is missing from an existing module, but...