Radio Liferay Episode 65: Zsolt Balogh - Happy Birthray

Happy 10th Birthray

   Oops - in times of fast news like this, I sat on the recording for a while. Unacceptable, but as almost nobody is commuting in April/May 2020, it's questionable if you'd have put it on during your commute anyway...
Happy 10th Birthray to Zsolt and me and several others (listen to the episode if you want to know what that means)

This is a quite non-technical episode, just two people remembering the "good old times": Don't expect to learn anything new about the product(s) - instead you'll hear about how we got from "there" to "here" in the past 10 years.

And about these topics:podcast-logo

We couldn't go without some references to Covid19, but they're easy to ignore if you've heard already enough about that these days. We'll not attempt to solve the problems, promised.

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