DEVCON 2021 is coming...

and we'd love to see talks that shows how the community is using Liferay.

This time, things are a little bit different to last year (in case you haven’t noticed :wink:). Our Developer Conference has been a great platform throughout the past 7 years to strengthen the Liferay community by enabling you to connect, exchange and have fun together. Our mission remains the same for 2021, just executed in a slightly different format. And the good thing is, for the upcoming DEVCON edition, we won’t be constrained by space limitations, and you also won’t have to deal with travel stress and expenses!

We want to let the world know how the community is, how you are using Liferay

With that in mind, our team is working really hard to create a digital experience tailored for you and one thing is sure, the Liferay community is KING and so is content. We know you’re doing cool stuff and building rad things with Liferay. If you don't think so, please, take a moment to read my previous "Why you should share your experience with the community" (and revisit again what you are doing with a different look): that’s why we’d love to hear about your real world implementations.

Still a little bit unsure about the benefits of getting involved and sharing what you are doing with the rest of the community? David H. Nebinger has also some good reasons to encourage and help you be recognised as the expert you are.

Have you already made up your mind? Interested to present your work at DEVCON? Our Call For Papers is open and we look forward to receiving your proposal.

Or let us know what topics you would love to see in the agenda

We’d also love to know what drives your curiosity nowadays and which topics you would like to hear about during the event. Any trends, solutions, applications you would like to know more about?

Please do let our team know so we can consider your ideas when building the agenda. By filling this form, you will be helping the technical committee to take your interests into account and select proposals that match them. We will  be collecting information until December 14, 2020. 

Thank you very much for your support!

Looking forward to receiving your proposals and interests.