I’m very excited to announce: “/dev/24 is coming…”

Ohhh yeahh!!! The most expected event of the year is coming… no, it’s not “winter - [GOT]” ?

Created in the middle of the Covid Pandemic in 2020, /dev/24 has come to stay { yeaaahh!! :clapping: } 

Following the big success of the 24-hour-non-stop event last year...  We will do it again until:


For those of you who missed /dev/24 last year, or are not sure and asking yourself: “What is this event?”. Let me give you a quick overview:

  • This is not a company event, this is about us, the community, the chain of knowledge.

  • The main aim of this event is to give us the space to share our discoveries, knowledge, news... about our experience with our “Liferay World”.

  • Let the world hear our voice, in a multinational on-line event, totally free of cost (well… you will need an internet connection).

  • A fun way to participate and watch: presentations, showcases, tutorials, new features, tips and tricks... everything on Liferay 7.4 (the latest version).

  • Summarizing… Here you are invited to be a volunteer, a speaker and an attendee. 


Good News! The Call for Presentation is open:

Save the date! This year the event will be hosted in 2 sessions of 12 hours each, November 3rd and 4th. Applications are now open on  “Presentation Submission for Liferay /dev/24 2021” (deadline for applications October 8th).

Be on the lookout! In the next few days the URL to subscribe to the event will be published.

Would you like to participate in the agenda committee, or help organize? As always, we welcome volunteers. Please contact us at

Let’s go! Let's immerse ourselves in technology for 24 hours! Let’s boost our knowledge by learning together!

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

                                                                                   See you soon ;)