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Madhukar Kumar | 21 Jan 2022

What is two-way ssl communication? In two-ways ssl authentication, Client and server need to validate and authenticate each other's identities. This can be summarized with the picture below. How ever, I will be writing a separate post about SSL and two-way authentication later.         In this post we will talk about calling external API which is two way SSL...

Suyash Bhalekar | 29 Jul 2020

I spent some time understanding the patching tool and I found that the patching tool's store option is very useful when it comes to comparing patches with custom modules. Use case : You have Liferay Portal instance with fixpack say and hot fix say And now you come across a scenario where you found a liferay bug. You...

Nikhil Nishchal | 26 May 2020

Multiple configuration approach in Liferay. 1.    System setting : If we would required to hold any data which can be used by multiple modules we can store them by adding configuration to system setting. Below approach we use to add configuration in system setting: 1.1.    Create configuration bundle    1.2.    Below are the...

Marcial Calvo Valenzuela | 13 May 2020

AVISO: Este blog está en Inglés. Accede aquí para leerlo en Español. There are several occasions when a customer has asked us, once an action has taken place on the Portal (more or less dramatic), how to see when that action was carried out and, above all, who carried it out. To help us in these scenarios, Liferay DXP provides  Audit.   What is...

Marcial Calvo Valenzuela | 13 May 2020

Notice: This blog post is in Spanish. Click here to read it in English Son varias las ocasiones en las que algún cliente nos ha preguntado, una vez sucedida una acción en el Portal (más o menos drámatica), cómo poder ver cuándo se realizó dicha acción y sobre todo, quién la realizó. Para ayudarnos ante estos escenarios, Liferay DXP nos aporta Audit.   ...

Neil Griffin | 30 Mar 2020

I recently recorded a screencast that shows how to upgrade Liferay DXP 7.2 from embedded Elasticsearch 6 to a remote Elasticsearch 7 single-node cluster using Liferay's Elasticsearch 7 connector from Liferay Marketplace.  

Chema Balsas | 24 Mar 2020

TL;DR We’re considering consolidating all our UX for writing Rich Text Content around a single Editor to provide a more cohesive and comprehensive experience. We’re committed to study each content-creation scenario and provide the best experience for that specific use case. To do that, we’re planning to remove the currently supported variability and configurability of WYSIWYG...

Jorge Ferrer | 28 Feb 2020

With the recently released Liferay Portal 7.3 CE GA1, we are adopting a rolling release cycle for Liferay Portal CE. This means that we will have very frequent stable CE releases which will include new features, improvements, and bug fixes.  This is what the new process looks like for 2020: After this cycle finishes, we will start again with the CE GA1 for the next...

Tim Telcik | 16 Oct 2020

Overview Liferay 7.1 uses the Quartz Scheduler to schedule jobs for running background tasks. Liferay administrators and developers sometimes require a live (runtime) view of the scheduled jobs and/or control of those jobs. The scheduled jobs may be Liferay platform tasks and/or custom tasks. The scheduled jobs can be managed via many different tools and approaches. This...

Anderson Perrelli | 19 Mar 2019

This article aims to deliver what you're really looking for, configure Search Enterprise. If you are looking for the smallest details and deeper information, my suggestion is the Elasticserach Documentation and the Liferay Help Center. Well, for you, who understands a bit about the subject and knows what you're looking for, here is your place, below I'll show you how you can...

Sudhanshu Kumar Shukla | 14 Mar 2019

If you are here then Hopefully you will learn a lot and curious to know to complete the push notification. Kindly Give a huge round of applause to yourself. Till our previous post we all set up for subscription users data and payload(Data which is display in form of push notification).  In the 3rd partof this series, I had already explained what is the...

Sudhanshu Kumar Shukla | 13 Mar 2019

Welcome back to the 3rd post of the notification series. In the previous post, we will understand how to work with client-side in push notification i.e Register Service worker, Service worker implementation, creating Subscription  Object and send it to the backend to save in the DB for future use. Now we will build portlet to get the subscription object and save...

Sudhanshu Kumar Shukla | 11 Mar 2019

 Welcome back to the 2nd post of the notification series. In this post, we will understand and will go through some client side coding part i.e Register Service worker, Service worker implementation, creating Subscription  Object and send it to the backend to save in the DB for future use. First Let us understand some concept which is required to understand the...

Sudhanshu Kumar Shukla | 11 Mar 2019

 Hello, Developers, this is my first Blog Hope this will help in an extent. Nowadays there is a huge demand from the client to make there portal PWA enables, they should be get notified by browser notification, offline pages will display and function properly when browser offline and etc.... If you want to your users engaged then this is the best way even they are coming into...

Ignacio Roncero Bazarra | 16 Oct 2018

GitHub repositoty: Summary This gradle plugin let you manage your properties files on your liferay workspace (version 7.0 and 7.1). Blade tool initializes this kind of workpace with one folder named configs. There are some folder into configs folder: common dev local prod uat ...


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