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Maharajan Paramasivan | 29 Apr 2022

Part-1 | What & Why & When Custom Liferay Framework Create your own Liferay Framework, Understand the possibilities to write your own Liferay framework for any complex custom developed solution which could evolve with time like any other Liferay Out Of The Box Feature. Custom Liferay Framework - What? Alright! This is where we set the context. What is a Framework? ...

Maharajan Paramasivan | 28 Apr 2022

Part-2 | How to Custom Liferay Framework? Implement your own Custom Liferay Framework over a simple use case and understand the possibilities and capabilities that open up. Continuing on top of the perspectives and ideas discussed in Part 1 of the blog series, we will try to implement our own Custom Liferay Framework for a simple use case picked up from one of the Liferay OOTB...

Michael Chen | 07 Apr 2022

Many UI teams prefer building Liferay DXP Theme using gulp instead of the Liferay Theme Builder. For example, cd themes/my-themenpm installgulp build However, Liferay has not documented ways to integrate the above to a Maven project pom.xml. Here is a sample solution: { "name": "my-theme", "version": "1.0.0", ...

Vitaliy Koshelenko | 10 Sep 2021

Overview   Search is one of the fundamental Liferay features, which provides users with the possibility to quickly find the content they look for. It’s powerful, pretty much configurable, and flexible.  However, during implementation of the latest project for our client we run into a bunch of issues. Some of them were Liferay bugs or missing functionality, other ones - configuration...

Louis-Guillaume Durand | 11 Mar 2021

TLDR; I built a Yeoman generator to adapt Elm apps for Liferay using Liferay JS Toolkit. Introduction A year ago, I came across Elm and it instantly became my favorite language to develop frontend applications. Quickly after playing with it, I wanted to be able to create Elm apps and deploy them to Liferay. I could have simply created an MVC Portlet and add my Elm app in the...

Fazal Babaria | 19 Jan 2021

In this blog, We will see how to configure an external database with Liferay service builder and How to execute Stored Procedure in the external database with the same service builder in a few simple steps. There will be two phases in the blog, One for the Connection of external database and another one for the executing stored procedure. Let’s start with Phase one as below. ...


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