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Bhargav Vaghasiya | 15 Mar 2023

Low code and no code development are handy for developing a website without a technical background. Liferay came with the Object concept, which is able to generate the persistence and service layers by just defining the required fields from the liferay control panel. In this blog, here are some essential points from the objects.   Notification for an object entry ...

David H Nebinger | 10 Mar 2023

So just a quick blog post today... I was working with Support where they were trying to help a client that had a failed U64 bundle upgrade in Production and we were trying to understand what the failure was and help the client complete the upgrade. Then my friend Christopher Lui happened to mention: the odd thing is that this customer upgraded their Dev environment...

Neil Harwani | 23 Feb 2023

How to debug Liferay? Some pointers. – Part 1. Many a times, we only check at specific places and forget other areas while debugging. This small blog acts as a checklist to check and debug Liferay. Look at installing and using GLOWROOT Check the slow traces / web transactions / errors and the related graphs in GLOWROOT Check the logging levels module wise and overall Check...

David H Nebinger | 21 Feb 2023

Introduction Recently there have been a bunch of questions lately in Slack, in Ask, and even in Liferay Support tickets complaining about the time it takes to log into Liferay and what can be done to improve performance, specifically targeting the hash algorithms... TL;DR - Liferay has increased the rounds on the PBKDF2 hash which is detrimental to your login...

David H Nebinger | 27 Jul 2022

Introduction You may have seen my blog Setting Up JNDI in Liferay 7.4 which I posted to explain how to do a JNDI lookup. The code works, I assure you, but there's one group of developers that blog didn't serve: Spring Portlet Developers. Whether you are developing using PortletMVC4Spring and Spring 5, or you are developing using Spring Portlet MVC under an older ...

David H Nebinger | 22 Jul 2022

Introduction I've been working with a client to upgrade their Spring portlet wars to Liferay 7.4. And the update is kind of big as we're upgrading Spring, changing to PortletMVC4Spring (needed for Spring 5), ... They have a large number of Spring portlet wars, but in reviewing the code I noticed that each of the wars had duplicate Spring services defined into the Spring...

Maharajan Paramasivan | 29 Apr 2022

Part-1 | What & Why & When Custom Liferay Framework Create your own Liferay Framework, Understand the possibilities to write your own Liferay framework for any complex custom developed solution which could evolve with time like any other Liferay Out Of The Box Feature. Custom Liferay Framework - What? Alright! This is where we set the context. What is a Framework? ...

Maharajan Paramasivan | 28 Apr 2022

Part-2 | How to Custom Liferay Framework? Implement your own Custom Liferay Framework over a simple use case and understand the possibilities and capabilities that open up. Continuing on top of the perspectives and ideas discussed in Part 1 of the blog series, we will try to implement our own Custom Liferay Framework for a simple use case picked up from one of the Liferay OOTB...

Mohammed Yasin | 21 Apr 2022

Liferay provides an option to configure password policy (refer), it provides an option to mention Password Expiry Time. Once the Password is expired then user will not be able to login to the system and when user tries to login, Liferay shows error message :   Error: Your password has expired. Please contact an administrator to reset your password. Admin needs to reset the user...

Michael Chen | 07 Apr 2022

Many UI teams prefer building Liferay DXP Theme using gulp instead of the Liferay Theme Builder. For example, cd themes/my-themenpm installgulp build However, Liferay has not documented ways to integrate the above to a Maven project pom.xml. Here is a sample solution: { "name": "my-theme", "version": "1.0.0", ...

David H Nebinger | 24 Mar 2022

Introduction So my friend Thiago Moreira posted the following (slightly edited) message to our internal Slack: Hey, so I've built a module for 7.4 GA5, but when it is deployed to 7.4 GA16, I get a bunch of "unresolved requirement" exceptions and the module won't be available. Is there something I need to set so my module will work on both GA5 and...

David H Nebinger | 25 Feb 2022

Just a quick one today... In previous versions of Liferay, if you were browsing a site as a guest but wanted to access a private page or a private site, Liferay would automagically show you the login form so you could authenticate before accessing the page or site. This has been changed in 7.4. It was determined that just by showing the login form, Liferay was leaking the fact that the page...

David H Nebinger | 15 Feb 2022

Introduction Recently I was asked how to implement MDC and/or NDC in Liferay 7.4, and since I thought it might be interesting to a wider audience, I'm going to blog about it here. Background In a multithreaded, multiuser environment such as in a web application like Liferay, different threads in the container will be handling different requests, but likely each request is doing something...

David H Nebinger | 12 Feb 2022

Introduction In November of 2018, I authored a blog, Boosting Search. In that blog, I showed how to boost search results for tag matches in an effort to provide some alternative to GSA's KeyMatch support. A lot has changed in Liferay since that blog was posted, and it turns out there are much easier ways now in DXP 7.4 that won't require any code at all... Results Ranking In discussing the...

David H Nebinger | 07 Feb 2022

Introduction I've worked with clients that, for one reason or another, needed to change their database platform. This ask has increased with the move to DXPCloud and MySQL database. I'm not sure there's a well defined plan for how to migrate a Liferay database, so I thought I'd blog about it. Now, if you know anything about me, you know I'm a planner and I create (sometimes intricate)...

David H Nebinger | 26 Jan 2022

Introduction I was recently polling my coworkers looking for new blog ideas, and Filipe Melo asked about Websockets. I haven't seen any other documentation or blogs about building Websocket solutions for Liferay, so I figured this would be an interesting challenge. Websockets was introduced to provide a full duplex and realtime client/server communication path between remote clients and your...

David H Nebinger | 26 Jan 2022

Introduction My friend and coworker Eric Chin recently posed a question on our internal slack channels asking if anyone had experience with Liferay's Batch mode and he was not finding enough supporting documentation on it. Although I hadn't yet worked with Liferay Batch, I kind of took it as a challenge to not only give it a try, but more importantly to document it in a new blog post, so here...

David H Nebinger | 23 Feb 2022

Hey, so a quick post today about how to set up JNDI connections in Liferay CE 7.4 or Liferay DXP 7.4. Liferay moved jars around in 7.4. No longer are there key jars in the Tomcat lib/ext directory (or for other application servers). To set up JNDI resources under 7.4, you'll need to put the necessary JDBC jars into the Tomcat lib directory (or the lib directory of your application server). In...

David H Nebinger | 12 Jan 2022

Introduction So recently I completed a database upgrade from Liferay EE 6.1 up to Liferay DXP 7.4. It was actually pretty straightforward and I didn't encounter any significant blockers. I did however learn some stuff along the way and I thought I'd share those details here so you will be able to do your next Liferay DB upgrade in the same way. Note that although I'm specifically including...

David H Nebinger | 11 Jan 2022

Introduction So I wrote five years ago targeting Liferay 7.0. A lot has changed since then. Liferay Gradle Workspace plugin has seen numerous updates. Gradle has seen an update or two as well. Recently when asked to assist a client who wanted to extend Liferay's Journal Article service, I started by recommending they look...