Fabian Bouché | 14 Dec 2021

The landscape for Identity and Access Management has changed over the years. Whereas in the past, we'd often rely on proprietary or home grown solutions, we can now largely rely on well established standards. Setting up Single Sign On has become easier as many SaaS providers offer some free plans and there is even easy-to-use software out there. In this article, I'm going to show you how you...

David H Nebinger | 10 Dec 2021

Hey, all! There's a new zero-day vulnerability hitting the web right now, and it is affecting a lot of libraries and applications out there, including Liferay 7.4. Any app using Log4j2 is vulnerable. If you are using Log4j2 in your customizations or you are using Liferay 7.4 (which now uses Log4j2), this new vulnerability affects you. I'm not going to show anything about how to take advantage...

David H Nebinger | 13 Jul 2022

Recently I started a new "Office Hours" session to occur every other Tuesday at 9am EST/10am EDT (14:00 UTC) and 4pm EST/5pm EDT (21:00 UTC) on a Zoom bridge. Here you can bring questions, ideas, or whatever. Heck, feel free to join and just talk about your Liferay projects if you want. I'll post the Zoom meeting bridge to the Liferay Community Slack, feel free to sign...

Carlos Durán | 24 Nov 2021

Nuestra comunidad cumple otro año más, y llegamos a los cuatro. En estos momentos son en los que echamos la vista atrás para ver el camino que hemos recorrido y que nos anima a mirar para adelante con ilusión para continuar con este proyecto. Aunque parecía que este año íbamos a continuar como habíamos dejado el pasado 2020, lo cierto es que con lo que respecta a Liferay y la comunidad ha...

Brian Lavender | 18 Nov 2021

While Liferay has many wonderful features like DRAC, a docs repository, user self registration, and more, I still would like to store my data for custom portlets/applications in an external database. It’s like, you know, data independence! I found David H Nebinger’s blog for Liferay 7, Service Builder and External Databases. I struggled with a few issues, and I updated some things over Dave’s...

Marcial Calvo Valenzuela | 18 Nov 2021

Esta entrada de blog está también disponible en español It is increasingly common to deploy applications or microservices in a container-based infrastructure, such as Kubernetes or Openshift. Liferay Portal / DXP is not far behind in this regard and thanks to the fact that it is a totally agnostic platform to the underlying infrastructure, it is possible to implement it in this type of...

Brian Lavender | 15 Nov 2021

Blade is one of the great Liferay development tools. This is true, unless it stops working! Or, maybe you ran the blade installer and the error came up and you now wonder what to do now?! Punt? Watch a spaghetti western? That’s what this blog is about, resolving issue(s) with blade, two issues that have occurred on Windows for me using blade. Blade Error Failed to find Java VM Liferay...

Marcial Calvo Valenzuela | 18 Nov 2021

  This blog is also available in english Cada vez es más habitual el despliegue de aplicaciones o microservicios en una infraestructura basada en contenedores, como Kubernetes u Openshift. Liferay Portal/DXP no se queda atrás en este aspecto y gracias a que es una plataforma totalmente agnóstica a la infraestructura subyacente, es posible su implementación en este tipo de...

Dave Truong | 15 Nov 2021

I had a bit of a hiccup when running my demo during /dev/24 so I ran through my presentation again.   Here is the recording as promised: Feel free to ask questions below. Thanks, Dave

Brian Lavender | 10 Nov 2021

  At the time of this writing, the Maven archetype for a JSF portlet with CDI enabled generates output that can only be built using Maven in order to enable CDI. This currently works with Liferay Portal 7.3 and not 7.4. With a few tweaks, you can make your JSF portlet use your Gradle build system. Initially, you will use Maven to generate the code and while it does put int a build.gradle,...

David H Nebinger | 10 Nov 2021

Introduction In a recent blog I explained how to create a React-based portlet within your Liferay Gradle Workspace by using the js-widget Blade template which in turn uses the Yeoman Liferay JS Generator to create the project. (Wow, that was a mouthful ;-) ) In this way, you can have your Liferay Gradle Workspace take care of building your complete suite of Liferay modules, the...

Jamie Sammons | 15 Nov 2021

Download options Liferay Portal and Liferay Commerce share the same Bundle and Docker image.  To get started using either Liferay Portal or Liferay Commerce, choose the best download option suited for your environment below. Docker image To use Liferay Portal 7.4 GA4 and Liferay Commerce 4.0 GA4 run the following: docker run -it -p 8080:8080 liferay/portal: For more...

Marcial Calvo Valenzuela | 03 Nov 2021

Esta entrada de blog  está también disponible en español. One of the star features of the Kubernetes world is, without a doubt, the Horizontal Pod Autoscaling. With it, we can benefit from a superior performance capacity of our service at specific moments, where the original dimensioning of our cluster may not be sufficient, avoiding degradation or even loss of service. Kubernetes...

Marcial Calvo Valenzuela | 03 Nov 2021

Check english version here Una de las funcionalidades estrella del mundo de Kubernetes es, sin lugar a dudas, la del Autoescalado Horizontal de Pods. Con ella, podemos beneficiarnos de una capacidad de rendimiento superior de nuestro servicio en momentos puntuales, donde el dimensionamiento origen de nuestro cluster pueda no ser suficiente, evitando degradamiento o incluso...

Scarletake Bwi | 29 Oct 2021

I struggle on this for over 3 weeks. god... my envirement Liferay CE 7.4.2 GA3 Oracle JDK 8 Windows 10 Liferay Developer Studio Version:   sometime, we have to connect to another database for many reasons, system is old, they cannot provide web service..etc.   there have two ways for this purpose, DataSourceProvider and SpringBeans IMPORTANT! 1. before...

Vitaliy Koshelenko | 27 Oct 2021

Overview For the many years Liferay theme was the only way for defining the portal appearance. Usually, when a new project started (or customer requested a new site with a brand new design) - development  began with a new theme creation. With themes it's possible to define the overall styling and the basic page structure. Also, we can define the configuration options with...

Anne Durey | 25 Oct 2021

/dev/24 is almost here. Have you seen the preliminary agenda?  Do you want to improve your Forms game? There's a talk for you.  If you want to go code-less when implementing a site, there's a talk for you. If you want to run BPMN process in Liferay, there's a talk for you. How about using Async HTTP clients? Well there's a talk for that. And more! Improving TreeFilter, Collection...

Olaf Kock | 21 Oct 2021

Instead of writing a full article here, let me just point you to an article about /dev/24 on our company blog. You'll find a lot more interesting articles there. In general, they're less technical than the ones you find here. Still worth reading, especially​​​​​​​ when you're starting with this one about the upcoming /dev/24 event.

Olaf Kock | 14 Oct 2021

In case you're working on multiple Liferay servers, like I frequently do, you might have seen this problem, and fell for it: In the backend, namely Control Panel and Site Administration, they all look the same. Rarely do I see anybody working on a new "Admin Theme" for those places. I've had enough of trying to decipher the URL and host name, and decided to do something about it, that doesn't...

Anne Durey | 11 Oct 2021

You thought "I'd love to present something on /dev/24" but totally missed the deadline of the call for presentations? Say no more! The deadline for answering the call for presentations is extended until 15th Oct, 23:59:59 UTC. This is your final chance to come and help to build /dev/24 and also brag about what you have developed for Liferay Portal/DXP 7.4. Right now all you need to provide is...