Alexa Javellana | 08 Jul 2020

Before we begin, introductions are in order. My name is Alexa Javellana. I work in the Japan APAC team out in Tokyo. I just started in January as an Associate Consultant, so not many people may know me here. To those who do, hello! How’s life back home in the States?  Besides frontend engineering, I like knitting, sewing, drawing, fashion and pretty things. In February, I...

Filipe Frazao Afonso | 03 Jul 2020

A request we see often from customers is the ability to integrate Liferay with a CRM system. At the same time, we all know that Liferay is strong when it comes to integrations with external systems, offering several different approaches and tools to achieve our needs. But sometimes, knowing is not enough and we do need to show it!  On this quick blog post, we...

Olaf Kock | 26 Jun 2020

How do you tell your users more about the application you're building? How do you introduce them to a big and complex system? Option 1: Write compelling documentation (1a: hope they'll find it, 1b: hope they'll read it) Option 2: Add documentation to the page you're currently building (2a: hope they'll scroll to it, 2b: hope they're not patronized by the never changing...

Maurice Sepe | 29 Jun 2020

Back in March 2020, we were assigned to create a POC that involves integrating Liferay and ReactJS. As a newcomer to Liferay myself, I had plenty of questions and was unsure of what I was doing most of the time. This blog post aims to highlight the lessons learned and the challenges encountered during the development of that POC. As for specifications, the ReactJS POC...

Neil Griffin | 23 Jun 2020

Back in April of 2019 I authored a blog post titled Liferay Faces downloads reach another all time high. I am pleased to report that DOWNLOADS HIT ANOTHER ALL TIME HIGH back in September of 2019, and held fairly steady until January of this year (2020). Downloads seem to take a dip after the holidays, so perhaps that's why we saw a drop-off in February. Since then, there has...

Neil Griffin | 23 Jun 2020

Back in May of 2019 I authored a blog post titled Portlet API downloads up over 85% in one year. If you read that post, you will see that the stats for the portlet-api artifact averaged roughly 23,000 downloads/month. One year later, I'm pleased to report that the stats are now averaging roughly 33,000 downloads/month. That's a gain of roughly 43%! The peak was about 40,000...

Nader Jafari | 24 Jun 2020

In liferay 7.1 we have an article here that explain "Introduction to Testing ",  first of all  i suggest you read this useful document because in this post we just implement an module to testing a "Liferay Service Builder Module" Step-by-Step with famous "Foo" entity. Lets Go! Step 1 - Create a liferay workspace with blade CLI First consider that you are using latest...

Olaf Kock | 26 Jun 2020

  For this episode of Radio Liferay, I've talked with Bryce Osterhaus, Frontend Developer at Liferay for ~ 6 years. With his experience, he's a perfect complement to me: While he feels at home in the browser, client side, I'm comfortable on the backend, away from all of the messy frontend stuff - prepare for some naïve questions coming his way. We spoke about a design decision...

Yogesh Sharma | 23 Jun 2020

Liferay Portal is fully connected in its core to support workflow uses. Majority of entities in Liferay have capability to utilize workflow covering Web Contents, Document & Media, Blogs, Calendar Events, Comments, KB Articles, Message boards, Page revisions, Wiki, Users, Forms etc. Liferay also provides possibilities to utilize workflow capabilities in your custom entities as...

Soumyashree Mishra | 07 Jul 2020

Item selector allows users to select OOB as well as custom entities by providing an user-friendly UI component. This UI component is backed by an Item Selector API which can be extended to create a custom item selector per your requirements. Many Liferay OOB application uses the item selector to let user select the public and private pages in the site. We can add that feature to the...

Rahul Pande | 19 Jun 2020

As we know, Liferay 7 provides different WYSIWYG editors the portal. By default, in Liferay 7 AlloyEditor is available in the portal. We can configure Liferay to use CKEditor by setting following properties in file for different portlets. In this blog we will set web content portlet to use CKEditor instead of AlloyEditor editor.wysiwyg.default=ckeditor...

Mariano Álvaro | 18 Mar 2022

Sometimes it can be useful for system administrators without Liferay knowledge (or without a Liferay administrator user) to be able to execute Liferay Groovy (or other supported scripting language) scripts. To accomplish this we can combine both Blade CLI and the Gogo shell scripting language. Blade CLIoffers some nice possibilities in order to manage your Liferay server...

Olaf Kock | 13 Jun 2020

   A while ago I sat down with Ryan Schuhler. He's Associate Program Manager at Liferay, which is a fancy name for Webteam Lead, and we talked about "dogfooding" Liferay DXP to build - which features are used, how the site evolved and what is fed back into the product. Or, in more detail, here are some talking points the versions in use and how...

Wu Yuxing | 09 Jun 2020

Downloads: Liferay Portal 7.1 GA4: Patch | Readme Liferay Portal 7.2 GA2: Patch | Readme All vulnerabilities fixed in these patches have already been fixed in Liferay Portal 7.3 GA3. Please refer to the readme file for a list of issues addressed in each patch. For more information on working with patches, please see Patching Liferay Portal .

Varun Gupta | 05 Jun 2020

Form Navigator helps you to add new sections and section categories to existing form navigation. Form Navigators can be used in two ways: customizing a Form Navigator that already exists in the portal, and creating your own Form Navigator for your application. It will helps us to add a new section in Layout configuration. The requirement is to show image metadata in Layout...

Sarai Diaz | 04 Jun 2020

Personalization has become a key part of customer experience. Essentially, by tailoring content for individual users depending on their characteristics, preferences and behaviour, companies can communicate, engage and delight customers across multiple channels, ultimately increasing both revenue and customer base. Since Liferay Portal CE/DXP 7.2, there are a plethora of new...

Soumyashree Mishra | 02 Jun 2020

The Liferay Connector to SAML 2.0 enables Liferay to be configured as an SP and an iDP. When using liferay as a service provider (and a non-Liferay IDP), only a few user attributes can be configured out-of-the-box. Many a times, it is required to update additional user attributes like gender, DOB etc based on the business requirements, but any additional attribute you pass in the SAML...

Yanan Yuan | 27 May 2020

The new Liferay IntelliJ 1.7.4 plugin support IntelliJ 201 and greater. Head over to this page for downloading. Download Link Key Points Bug fix for gradle project dependencies Feedback If you run into any issues or have any suggestion, please come find us on our...

Roselaine Marques Montero | 28 Mar 2021

DISCLAIMER:  This blog  post has  Spanish and English Version. Finished the step of Part 3: Liferay Components for Talend Open Studio We have reached the last blog in this series and the culmination of all our efforts: where we get to run our “Job” which will perform the product loading in to Liferay Commerce in a matter of seconds. In...

Sushil Patidar | 27 May 2020

Approval Workflow Approvals are often given by person who is assigned responsibility to review and check if the data, record or document that is being passed through his eyes qualify the certain parameters at that stage. Approval workflow process is sequence of tasks that need to be performed either automated or need of human intervention. Many organizations spent a lot of time...