Mariano Álvaro | 15 Mar 2021

Esta entrada de blog  está también disponible en español.   Liferay is designed to scale horizontally by supporting the addition of new nodes. This nodes will share the same information, but will also be able to handle different requests simultaneously. You can find much more information in Liferay DXP Clustering. Liferay cluster synchronization and...

Miti Patel | 08 Sep 2020

In Liferay, we will export/import data into different formats and one of the format is CSV (Comma-separated values). Similar way, you can also import/export data using excel file. This blog is on how to export/import data as CSV in Liferay Portlet Development. Here we will export all users details as CSV formatted file from database and import user...

Matija Šuklje | 25 Aug 2020

At Liferay we take our Open Source roots seriously and are increasing our commitment to the movement. When we look at how people can contribute to Liferay Portal, one of the bigger hurdles was that our contribution process is quite complex – including having to create a JIRA ticket and through that sign our Liferay Portal Contributor’s Agreement. That required setting up an account...

Yuxing Wu | 25 Aug 2020

I just want to give everyone a heads up and let you know that the Community Security Team will be releasing a new community security patch on September 1 for Liferay Portal 7.2.1 and 7.1.3. We hope this notice will give you some time to prepare if you and your organization need a bit of time to prepare.

Sam Ziemer | 21 Aug 2020

We get requests at Liferay for an ER diagram for the database regularly. We do not have an ER diagram, nor are there any intentions to create one for the database. One of the most important reasons behind this decision is that any CRUD operations to the database simply SHOULD NEVER be made by anything except the Liferay API. Making manual changes in a Liferay database violates support...

Olaf Kock | 21 Sep 2020

UPDATE: The event is getting closer, and the agenda (with times and a lot more topics and speakers) is now available at This preliminary blog post is no longer maintained If you have already heard about /dev/24, you're probably already waiting for an agenda. Whether you've heard about /dev/24 or not, you'll be happy to hear about a preliminary agenda, to...

Jamie Sammons | 15 Oct 2020

We are happy to announce the release of Liferay Portal CE 7.3 GA5, this is our fifth GA for 7.3 this year following the new rolling release cycle that we adopted and announced earlier this year. As with previous GAs, this new release is adding many new and very interesting features based on our roadmap and includes improvements based on the feedback that we have received from...

Olaf Kock | 12 Aug 2020

   David Gómez is part of Liferay's Developer Relations Team, and we took some time to talk about the upcoming /dev/24 livestream of developers and other users of Liferay DXP and Liferay Portal with a technical background. Here are some of the topics that we talked about: David is part of Liferay's Developer Relations team Liferay's Developer Relations,...

David H Nebinger | 15 Aug 2020

Malcolm Gladwell is often misquoted as saying, and I'm paraphrasing here, you need 10,000 hours in a subject to become an expert. It's a phrase many of us have heard, whether attributed to Gladwell or not. Actually what he did imply in his book Outliers: The Story of Success is that you need 10,000 hours in a subject to become a phenom, the expert's expert, the grandmaster in chess or...

David Gomez | 12 Aug 2020

Maybe you are (or have been at some point) afraid of sharing with the community, submitting a proposal to a Conference, or a User Group meetup because you think that you don’t have anything interesting, that your experiences or findings are not worth it, they are not a big deal. If you are one of those, or you know someone suffering from those symptoms, stay with me through this...

Abigail Pettit | 27 Jul 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of our Twitter and YouTube accounts, where we will be posting education-related content such as tutorials, feature highlights, and product overviews. Make sure to follow and subscribe, and let us know if there are any topics you want to be featured!

Brandon Pettit | 24 Jul 2020

Hey All! I am happy to announce that the Front-End and Back-End Developer certification exams for Liferay DXP 7.2 have been released! Over the past few months, the Education team has been hard at work creating a strategy for the future of Liferay Certification. With these new certification exams, we hope to improve passing rates by focusing more on practical solutions to problems...

Suyash Bhalekar | 29 Jul 2020

I spent some time understanding the patching tool and I found that the patching tool's store option is very useful when it comes to comparing patches with custom modules. Use case : You have Liferay Portal instance with fixpack say and hot fix say And now you come across a scenario where you found a liferay bug. You...

mehdi tilab | 24 Jul 2020

In this case I want to override Liferay Forms email notification template. At first I read following help doc: I'm using liferay 7.1.3 CE and do following steps: Shutdown my Liferay at...

Jonas Choi | 22 Jul 2020

What is USWDS? USWDS is the United States Web Design System, a JavaScript framework created by the US Federal Government to have a standard framework and look and feel for US Federal Government websites. With all the numerous department, sub groups, and websites that the US Government maintains, it makes sense to have a standard framework. Note that this is on the Federal level, not...

Miti Patel | 22 Jul 2020

Introduction Liferay’s Message bus is a service level API for exchange messages inside the liferay. It supports synchronous and asynchronous messaging and Cluster messaging support with Liferay ClusterLink. You can leverage the Message Bus to send messages between and within your plugins.  It’s conceptually similar to Java Messaging Service...

Krzysztof Gołębiowski | 20 Jul 2020

Liferay has great integration tools with 3rd party authentication systems and thanks to the recent changes in Control Panel, they are much easier to configure than before. Some clients, however, have more specific requirements, which go beyond possible configuration options and require implementing custom modifications directly on the Liferay integration code. A quite common...

Andre Kreienbring | 16 Jul 2020

I'm not a Liferay Legend like others who helped me in the forums while digging my way through the Service Builder Forest. That's why I thought that sharing my experiences  could help others not getting lost. Recently I wanted to work with an external database within Liferay and quickly I discovered Service Builder. BTW: I work with Liferay 7.3.2 GA and use the...

Lorenzo Carbone | 16 Jul 2020

If you are thinking of creating a hybrid mobile application for Android and iOS devices, surely you could have heard of the Ionic Framework. Personally, I think it is among one of the most complete and simple to use open source solution and today I would like to explain how to use Liferay DXP API to create a simple app that can show the blog posts of a site within our Liferay...

Olaf Kock | 15 Jul 2020

   Yasuyuki, short Yasu, is Supportability Engineer at Liferay. He's working out of Japan for ~8 years now, and in that time has started an interesting side project that you might be interested in. Well - I was interested, so I asked him for some time and we talked about it: Damascus. Here are some of the topics that we talked about: Yasu is working on...