An unbiased view on why you should adopt a platform like Liferay and what are the benefits in using Liferay:

  • Having implementations in various domains like insurance, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, education, government, intranets, commerce, energy, customer / partner portals and more
  • Open standards based system built with and around Java & specifications from Java community
  • Tooling options built on top of Eclipse, Gradle and Blade
  • Gogo Shell & DevStudio
  • Has been contributing to ecosystem by community as well as enterprise versions regularly plus has cloud options with analytics & commerce
  • Modular architecture built using OSGi
  • Growing marketplace
  • Maturity of 10+ years in terms of having features in fine grained property file entries, IAM/SSO/AD/LDAP, programming & configuration options and similar inbuilt integrations, workflows, content management, system administration and more
  • Commerce, Analytics, Cloud option & Content / horizontal portal in the same ecosystem
  • Evolving features around Cloud, Personalization, CI/CD, Analytics, ML&AI with the trends
  • Large part of documentation is open for public reference
  • Growing community & partner ecosystem
  • Strong features around content, search, collaboration, chat bots, headless and more
  • Many security, clustering, optimization, workflow, content, configuration features are pre-built with past experiences and evolution for over a decade
  • Programmers & technical people love the open standards based understanding of the product ecosystem

How to overcome some of the challenges around implementing Liferay:

  • Read the official documentation, blogs, forums in entirety and refer non Liferay forums across the web, don’t read piecemeal – that does not help
  • If you struggle with SEO / page load performance problems look at various reports from across the web like GTMetrix, Pingdom and more rather than rely on a single tool and single geo based server. Think of functional, technical and other changes across configurations rather than only one area. Good part is as there is transparency with open standards and open forums, it’s easier to decipher what changes need to be made
  • To avoid upgrade problems, follow the official path for customization & configuration in conjunction with Liferay team rather than customize outside the official process. Also, use out of the box features as much as possible

Liferay case studies