Three Ways to Embrace Digital Transformation at Liferay Symposium

Get to the heart of Customer Experience at Liferay Symposium North America


3 Reasons to Attend #LSNA16

As customers drive how they interact with brands, companies need to stay ahead of the curve with tools that deliver personalized digital experiences wherever, whenever they engage with your business.

Liferay Symposium gives you a forum to learn from leading industry experts, access key content for digital transformation and network with new peers.


Engage in learning

Build Engaging Experiences
Take in fresh keynote presentations, breakout sessions, deep dives and speed consulting, and learn how to create personalized experiences across all channels from an integrated digital experience platform.
Understand customers better   Gain Valuable Customer Insights
See firsthand how our clients are attracting and retaining customers through dynamic case studies, customer stories, and product demos on content targeting and using data to increase conversion.
Lead the way for digital transformation  
Be a Digital Leader in Your Industry
Learn best practices for redefining your company's digital strategy with actionable takeaways from Liferay founders and developers, industry experts, and world-class clients.  


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