Three Key Strategies for Consistent Customer Experiences

Our experiences with corporate brands and products are rapidly evolving with the influx of new technology. As consumers, we are looking for companies that can provide us more content pertaining to our shopping preferences. We want better and more timely offers, smaller barriers to purchase, and the ability to interact with companies across all devices.

How can companies keep up with the demands to provide a consistent user experience? In our recently published Three Key Strategies for Consistent Customer Experiences whitepaper, we address various tactics on how to engage customers in their purchasing journey. Here is an excerpt regarding one of the strategies:

The Single Platform Approach

In order to meet the needs of the modern-day consumer,   you need to develop an omnichannel experience. It begins with a dynamic interactive  platform. It’s good to offer mobile responsive  websites and hybrid and native apps; it is even  better if they learned to talk with one another This is the hand-off that occurs from platform  to platform, one in which customers will receive  a consistent experience with your website  whether they are on a tablet, phone or laptop.

This need is seen most clearly in the financial services sector. We are witnessing a dramatic change in how consumers are doing business with banks and insurance agencies. Based on a report by IBM, 51% of adults perform some type of financial transaction online. Furthermore, it is common to start a loan application on desktop, continue the form on a smartphone or tablet, and drop into a local branch to talk to a representative to complete the process. This type of experience allows customers to interact with a company through various channels simultaneously.

Configuring a seamless digital experience would not only bolster the online experience for your customer, but it could also result in greater impact on your physical business. If you own a brick and mortar, imagine having customers begin the purchasing decision on their devices and arriving at your store to complete the process. This involves a level of depth and familiarity with your customers’ buying patterns that will earn their loyalty in the long run.

As it stands, only 14% of marketing leaders are  presently delivering a personalized experience  across all channels. Strive to be the company  that distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack.  By offering the convenience and familiarity of the  user experience to your prospects, you will be  more likely to gain better brand recognition and  opportunities for profitability.  


To learn about other key strategies for engaging users across all channels, check out the Three Key Strategies for Consistent Customer Experiences whitepaperIf you have any questions or stories to share regarding this topic, I’d love to hear it. Please leave me a comment below!

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Liferay as an omnichannel platform. Love the concept and the whitepaper.