Staging enhancements

Hello Everyone! 

The staging team received multiple requests about adding some enhancements to staging. This post is about the recent two minor enhancements.

At first, the problem was, during staging it was possible to delete all data before the Import process starts. If the User did not look carefully, it could do serious harms in a Production database. 


To prevent this, we added a confirmation dialog, where the User is asked to confirm the intention of deletion application data before import. We have added this safecheck to the Site(Group), Page(Layout) and Portlet import options.

Also we have enhanced the error message which is displayed when a reference is missing during remote staging publication.

If you have any ideas to improve staging, please open a feature request on

If you have any questions about these enhancements feel free to contact Liferay support or me (, or check KCS articles on 

Have a nice day! :)