Remote IDE Connector 1.0.1

Serveral weeks ago we updated the Remote IDE Connector application to version 1.0.1.  This new update fixed the issues that we found with the 1.0.0 version of the Remote IDE Connector.  Namely, it works correctly now :)  **Update** I forgot to say thanks to the Marketplace team.  They did a ton of work to improve Marketplace infrastructure to be able to roll out changes to apps that had bug-fixes such as this.  Thanks for everything you do guys!

So Liferay IDE users can now install (or update) this application into their remote portal instances and then setup a new Remote Liferay Portal Server adapter in Liferay IDE to connect to it and use it as a development and deployment target just like they would a local instance of Liferay Portal running on your machine.

To help out new users we've created a special wiki page for now to demostrate how to configurate it.  I hope to get this information moved over to official documentation for Liferay IDE in the near future.  For now if you have any problems with either the Remote IDE Connector or the Liferay Remote Server Adapter be sure to create a new thread in the Liferay IDE Forums.