Radio Liferay Episode 69: David Gómez on /dev/24

The who, what and when of /dev/24

   David Gómez is part of Liferay's Developer Relations Team, and we took some time to talk about the upcoming /dev/24 livestream of developers and other users of Liferay DXP and Liferay Portal with a technical background.


Here are some of the topics that we talked about:

  • David is part of Liferay's Developer Relations team

  • Liferay's Developer Relations, and the people involved with the community

  • /dev/24 is a community effort, streaming technical content on Liferay following the sun or the moon (your preference)

  • Who's presenting? (Hint: Submissions are open - Employees as well as Community Members, Customers, Partners must submit)

  • Topics: All open, but we're actively looking for 7.3 related content.

  • Early submissions are picked early, late submissions have less spots to fill: The earlier you submit, the higher your chances for participations are.

  • The time is set: /dev/24 will be on Sep 24 (midnight to midnight) for the US-Pacific timezone (UTC-7). Or, in easier to calculate times for anybody not in that timezone: Starting 24 September, 7:00 UTC, running until 25 September, 7:00 UTC (9:00 CEST)

  • If you want to help without submitting a presentation (e.g. co-host at some time during the 24h, moderate the chat, provide additional questions, provide fun content, comment the submissions): Send mail to dev24 at

  • My (Olaf's) favorite content in conferences and webinars: Trivial Knowledge (and what that means).

  • /dev/24 unrelated bonus content:
    What David is currently working on (assuming we'll cover that in a later episode)

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