Radio Liferay Episode 64: David Nebinger's horror stories

What you never want to see

   An episode that was recorded together with episode 62, but got a bit lost (well, I admit - it was just sitting on my disk). But here we are: David shares four of his favorite horror stories - those that tought him what he never wants to see again. Hopefully it's useful so that you learn from it before experiencing those stories yourself.

We've talked aboutpodcast-logo

  • David's experience of bringing in Hibernate into Liferay projects versus utilizing ServiceBuilder
  • Upgrading strategies, when you have a lot of customizations, and especially when you combine upgrades with further changes.
  • Making up a proper, custom, framework for developing their applications
  • The three rules of dealing with Liferay Support (also helping a lot for improving Forum- and Slack-questions as well)
  • Rather a success-, not a horror story: A pointer to Episode 48 about predicting an exact release date, announced months earlier, for 6.2 GA3.

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