Radio Liferay Episode 59: Testing @ Liferay with Kristoffer Onias and Victor Ware

  Yay, another episode, and maybe in time to sweeten your trip to Devcon in Amsterdam. I spoke to Kristoffer Onias and Victor Ware. Both work on testing Liferay with different areas of interest. You'll hear quite a bit about what Liferay does internally on testing.

I actually talked to them quite a while ago, and the episode has been sitting on my disk since then.The numbers that you hear may no longer be accurate, but the overall information definitely is. Sorry for keeping it a secret for so long (there's an even longer kept secret... up next...)

We're talking about these (and more) topics

  • Different levels of Tests:
    • Unittests
    • Integration Tests
    • Functional Tests
  • How SPA influenced frontend testing
  • Selenium, Selenium IDE, Web Driver, Capybara, Docker, and Jenkins
  • How pull requests are tested before they reach their addressee
  • The scale of Liferay's testing infrastructure
  • KC's (at the time) still unnamed project. Watch out for him at the North American Symposium for updates to this. Oh, and: By now his project actually has a name: Testray
  • Maintenance of large test sets - UI locators etc.
  • SevenCogs and its resurrection
  • How to scale testing infrastructure for potentially a lot more servers and environments
  • The Test Pyramid
  • A wild idea: Livestream of test runs
  • Liferay's Testing Whitepaper and a Testing Webinar
  • 50 shades of red and its part 2

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