Radio Liferay Episode 54: Scott Nicklous and Neil Griffin on JSR 362 - Portlet 3.0

  In this episode, recorded at Liferay's Devcon 2015 in Darmstadt/Germany, I'm talking to Scott Nicklous and Neil Griffin. Scott is the specification lead for JSR-362 - otherwise known as the Portlet Specification 3.0 - and Neil serves as Liferay's representative on the expert group.

Here are some of the topics that we talked about:

  • JSR 362 page with all the latest and current information (spec, prototype implementation and javadoc)
  • The expert group
  • JSR 286 portlets will run unchanged on JSR 362 (runtime and compiletime compatibility)
  • My repeat favourite statement about frameworks in the web world.
  • JSR 362 and its impact on UI, there's a Client-Side standard (on ECMA script) for the first time in the portlet spec
  • The big question: When will it be done? (Some time 2016)
  • Early Draft Review Spec available, ~80-90% of content is expected to be there (That's the statement from Devcon, in October 2015)
  • Reference Implementation (to prove that the spec can be implemented) and TCK still missing (again, October 2015)
  • Reference Implementation and TCK will be implemented under the Apache Pluto project, help required
  • New Features include Bean-Portlet-Approach (portlet methods specified through Annotations in any Managed Bean), portlet.xml file no longer required if Annotations used
  • specifies a JS API despite being a JSR, which covers traditionally only Java
  • Dependency to JavaEE: Minimum is JavaEE 7, e.g. Servlet 3.1 etc.
  • Portlet Spec is not part of the JavaEE, but extends some of its elements.
  • CDI
  • JSR 378: Portlet 3.0 bridge for JSF (where Neil is the spec lead), being built in parallel with JSR-362
  • Multiplatform Support, Websocket, Devices
  • The E-Mail Archive of the specification process is public - contribution and comments are very welcome

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