Radio Liferay Episode 44: Stian Sigvartsen on Social Apps Proxy

  This is my conversation with Stian Sigvartsen, winner of the Marketplace App contest with his Social Apps Proxy (Link) and well known member of the UK Liferay usergroup, working in Devon and quite a lot with Liferay. Our paths cross quite often, but we finally found some time to talk about Stian's award winning app which basically takes all the boring stuff out of OAuth integrations into Liferay

He did a great job of explaining the background and solution in audio. Here's what we talked about:

  • Social Apps Proxy enables you to integrate content from other social networks into your portal.
  • It's working through OAuth, basically taking over all of the dirty work of authentication, leaving the actual integration works for the implementor
  • Stian's sample app on github (Link): Getting twitter mentions with 10 lines of code
  • What problem does OAuth solve? Comparing OAuth with a Valet Key.
  • Linking Liferay's identity to twitter's (in this sample)
  • How the social apps proxy works: An application just uses it as HTTP proxy, does not care about identity and is happy to get the identity automagically taken care of
  • Social Apps Proxy on Marketplace
  • Supported Versions of Liferay 6.1 to 6.2 and OAuth 1.0a to 2 to be extended
  • Microservices
  • All Code is to be open sourced soon, contributors are welcome.

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