PortletMVC4Spring 5.2.0 and 5.1.1 Released

The following versions of PortletMVC4Spring were released on December 7, 2019 AD:

Version Description  
5.2.0 For use with Spring Framework 5.2.x (tested with 5.2.2.RELEASE) Release Notes
5.1.1 For use with Spring Framework 5.1.x (tested with 5.1.4.RELEASE) Release Notes

For download coordinates and archetype usage, see the project's document.

At the time of this writing and the release of the aforementioned versions, there are no significant differences between the source files of the master (5.2.x) and 5.1.x branches. The main purpose of having two branches is for the convenience of testing with two different versions of the Spring Framework.