Plugins dependency management on deployment time? How?

  This is not a blog, it is a microblog! I just came here to show this simple and very cool feature, at least for me, the dependency management on deployment time. A little of context: The dependency management on software development is always a very hard task for everyone, since the developer until the deployer guy. How guarantee that everything that one plugin depends on is already deployed, set and available??
  Thinking on this Liferay innovated again and created a way to declare dependency between plugins on deployment time. Awesome! So, suppose you have a hook plugin called yoda-hook that have a special service that is used by obiwan-portlet, this configures a dependency between plugins, right?. So right now you can define the property required-deployment-contexts=yoda-hook on the file of obiwan-portlet and manage this dependency. The latter will be only deployed if the former is already deployed. If the yoda-hook is not deployed the obiwan-portlet will stay queued until the yoda-hook be deployed and available. Easy right?
  Summing up:
 - your plugin can depend on one or more plugins.
 - this property don't guarantee the dependency between plugins on development time.
 - sample-test-dependency-*-portlet projects on the plugins Subversion tree demonstrate this feature.

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Good improvement Thiago.

Thank you.
Actually the thanks must go to Brian because he implemented it, I just made it public;-)