One year in Liferay Brazil User Group

2022 was one of the most active years for the Liferay community in Brazil to date! If you are still not up to date with everything that happened, check out these numbers:

  • 7 meetups held in 2022;

  • 98% growth in membership: reaching 396 members;

  • Community presence at Devcon and /dev/24;

  • More than 20% of total community members engaged in meetups;

  • Covered topics: Liferay CLI, Lexicon, synchronization and versioning, message bus, performance, Liferay Objects, remote apps and low-code.

And there's a lot more to come!

We are already preparing the meetup agenda for 2023! In response to requests from the community itself, we are going to keep the meetings online so that we can reach more people and make it easier to fit meetings into work schedules.

That doesn't mean we're going to be restricted to Zoom! This year we will also hold in-person meetings in the cities with the greatest participation in the group. It will be a great opportunity to network and discuss Liferay development over pizza.

To stay on top of the agenda, sign up for the group: 

Below you can see the preliminary calendar of online meetings for the year (always starting at 6:00 pm Brasília time):

  • 21 March;

  • 18 April;

  • 13 June;

  • 18 July;

  • 24 October;

  • 07 November.

Dates may vary depending on the availability of speakers. The realization of more meetups may also increase according to the engagement of participants. And by the way:

A Call to Volunteers

A user group is only as good as the interaction among group members. And you can help LUG Brasil to be even better! This is the ideal time to join LUG Brasil's group of volunteer organizers and help with the group's planning for the year.

What do you get as a co-organizer?

  • Influence debates about Liferay technology in the Brazilian community;

  • Become a reference in the market for everything related to Liferay development;

  • Have close contact with the Liferay team to exchange experiences and learnings;

  • Have the opportunity to interact with co-organizers from other LUGs like Spain, Portugal, Latin America, France, India, as well as individual contributors from around the world;

  • And, of course, help the community expand in Brazil.

What does it take to be a co-organizer?

  • As a community volunteer, we're happy with as much time as you can dedicate, whether it's 15 minutes or multiple hours. We estimate that up to 2 hours of dedication per week, including participation in monthly meetups, is a good parameter.

Interested? Send a message to the team at brasillug at gmail dot com

The debate continues on Slack

And if you want to contribute to LUG Brasil, interact with members of the group or ask questions about Liferay development in Portuguese, remember to join the community Slack at  (search for channel # lug-brazil).

If you are already part of LUG, how about sharing this article with your network? Support the Liferay community in Brazil!

See you soon!
Team LUG Brazil