Oh yeah, about the auto-save

I just wanted to drop a couple of notes about the auto-save that I didn't mention before....

1. I didn't do the bulk of the work
That honor goes to Jonathan Neal. Bchan did a lot and I made a couple of javascript changes and tweaks, but the work load credit goes to Jon for actually laying the foundation and getting it done. Go hit up his wall and tell him great job :)

2. There was a race condition
There was a bug where you had to time your save JUST so, otherwise it could stay in the state of perpetual draft. We've fixed it in trunk, and will be pushing it live here to the site very soon.

3. We changed the interval time
Instead of 10 seconds, it now saves every 30. This seems a bit more realistic to me, but we're willing to hear you guys out if someone HAS to have it saving every 10 (and can make a good general case for it).

4. It now is smarter
It now checks if you're editing a draft, to save only if the content or title has actually been edited. Otherwise it will patiently wait until you have edited.

It's stuff like this that really just makes my day, getting to work with so many smart people who can develop rapidly and get stuff out the door.

Regarding the auto-save time, a case could be made either way. If there isn't a significant performance hit, I would probably think less time is better. With that said, I am pretty ambivalent and just happy that the functionality exists.
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