New Year Celebration: Liferay Screens 1.3 is out!

Hey everyone!

We're celebrating this new year with a new version: Liferay Screens 1.3!

Last months we've been busy as crazy helping with our first enterprise projects using Liferay Screens. Some of our Liferay customers are realizing that most of their users are accessing their portals using mobile devices. So most of the times the decision is easy as pie: let's optimize the experience using a native mobile app, and let's do it using a cutting edge technology like Liferay Screens. 

During this process helping our customers, we improved a lot of small details that will help mobile app development teams to better integrate Screens in their projects. Good news is all these improvements are included in Liferay Screens 1.3!


On this version, we migrated Screens for iOS to Swift 2 and iOS 9, the latest language and SDK versions. Main benefit of this is the improved error handling, so apps built using Liferay Screens 1.3 will be able to behave better on error scenarios. Also, it's important to note that Swift becomes open source with this version. We're really happy with this move from Apple, and we're sure it will be a huge boost for the language and the whole platform.


Going deeper, we have 34 tickets in this version. We have several technical improvements, like a new mechanism to create , or an architectural change to allow you to write more powerful themes and viewsets, and even more important, we’re releasing new features that will extend the capabilities of Liferay Screens: you can now create multilingual apps without being tied to your device settings (for cases where you want to use your own language selector within the app), and you’ll be able to use use complex asset queries using the new advanced method to filter assets in the AssetListScreenlet.


And meanwhile, we're making progress with Liferay Screens 2.0. A new world of possibilities will be open to you with this version, including Liferay Portal 7 support and much more.

Stay tuned, 2016 will be an awesome year for Liferay customers and community!

Does it work only in iOS? How about android?
Sure, here you can find the Android version:
Its really a great news, good to hear about migrating to swift 2