New version of the Developer's Guide available for reading online and download!

 Hey guys,

I'm not very active lately due to the great growth that we are experiencing in Spain and the increasing work associated to the upcoming new version, Liferay 6.1. The reason for this blog post is to announce some great news: The second edition of the Developer's Guide is now available at

The document is available online for browsing and searching and can also be downloaded in PDF. Note that the document has a Creative Commons license so feel free to distribute it to make sure it reaches every Liferay Developer out there.

This new edition comes with many many improvements and several new chapters. Here is a quick list of the most significant changes:

  • Overall review of the style by Rich Sezov
  • Overall review of the guide and rewrite of some sections by Jorge Ferrer.
  • Rewrite of the introduction to make it more welcoming to new developers.
  • New section: “Understanding the two phases of portlets: action and render”
  • Extended information of the chapter about “Ext Plugins” by Tomas Polesovsky. New section on JSR-286 security by Tomas Polesovsky.
  • New chapter about the Asset Framework and quick introduction to other Liferay frameworks.
  • New chapter about Liferay IDE
  • New chapter for Conclusions with information about how to learn more after reading this guide.
  • New chapter with links to reference documentation.

But this is only the beginning. We know that you want even more developer documentation and we are already working on a new edition of the guide and additional reference materials for you. Keep an eye for updates in the near future.

I want to give an special THANKS to Tomas Poleovsky for his help extending two of the most important chapters of the guide and also with his help in the review. We also had a lot of help from reviewers, so thanks a lot also to Daniel Sanz, Alberto Montero, Sergio González, Juan Fernández, Julio Camarero from the office in Spain and Tobias Käfer, Oliver Bayer, Deb Troxel, Juan Gonzalez, Boubker Tagnaouti and David Nebinger from the Community Leadership team.

Remember that if you find any issue with any of the official guides or want to make suggestions you can use the Documentation Suggestions category in the message boards.



Hi Jorge, Great to know about the new edition. Expecting to see a comprehensive developer documentation in the coming months. All the best, folks.
is it possible to have this guide in EPUB?
Good news!!! I agree with Leho, in ePUB would be great.
The link to 'understanding the two phases of portlets' doesn't work.
@Ahmed, it would be great if you could participate in the documentation category in the forum to specify what specific information you are missing from the existing documentation. That way others can also share their opinion and we can use that to prioritize.

@Leho, Luis, do you know of any way to convert from ODT of PDF to EPUB?

@Tim, thanks for letting me know. It seems to be an issue with using a colon as part of the friendly URL when a virtual host is also being used. I have solved it by changing the title for now.
There are some tools for creating ePub from ODT, in this forum they comment some ones:

There is another opensource tool that converts PDF to other formats of eBook: Calibre.
@Jorge Luis already seems to have done googline, I also haven't used any converters myself, but seems to do what's needed. I do use calibre for other stuff and I know that's a widely accepted solution.
I've also used a little Calibre and I think it's quite good.
Hi Luis, Leho,

I just used Calibre and have created an epub version. Can you check it out before I make it available for everybody?

It can be downloaded using the following URL:
It seems to be OK on my iPhone with iBooks. Let me read a little bit more later.
Galaxy Tab's ebook reader does not display a Table of Contents, there is only Chapter 1: Iniciar listed. first liferay logo does not have a transparent background (i read on sandy (lightbrown) background), so probably all the images should be checked. other than that the formatting looks all right!
Leho, Luis,

If I send you the ODT, would you be able to help me creating the ePub (and Mobi if possible)?
Yes, I could. Tomorrow morning I could spend some time.
Great. I have just sent it to you.
great,but i want more details
why is this blog module adding me to the e-mail list *again* every single time i add a comment? i'm now receiving 3 e-mails for each comment that gets posted here. #fail
This is a bug which needs to be fixed.
Hi Leho,

Sorry about that, I have already told Amos about it.
Hi gyus can anyone tel me how to create a user in liferay who has all rights like create webcontent ,add web content ,add pages ,add portlets on page but he/she shouldnt have delete rights !!Thanks in advance ..