New themes suite (1/4) - Fjord theme

Hi everyone!


For a long time themes have been one of the most required features in Liferay, and as we announced during last year, Liferay 7 will be a game changer.

This will be the first out of four different blog entries in which we plan to present our vision for the theming layer moving forward.



"Real cases"

To begin with, we have developed a set of themes focused on solving real Liferay theme use cases. The main goal is to provide a minimum viable implementation of a real site.


We’ve taken inspiration in real Product, Banking and Digital Magazine Sites to distill a useful and inspirational set of themes that can get you started!


"Minimal overhead"

With simplicity in mind, we have built awesome themes that add only the necessary overhead. This means that we are enforcing standard pieces all over the sites, minimizing the needs for custom developments.


Creating a site based on these themes should give you the enough traction to get started but still staying out of your way, letting you apply your own patterns.  


Fjord theme 

"Product APP" has been recently renamed to "Fjord"

In today's case we will take a look to new Fjord theme, a theme conceptualized to create an engaging site to showcase and promote a product.


As some of the images can hint, this theme includes some cool features such as:


  • Six different structure and templates to easily create attractive content for your site

  • Configurable social media links

  • Configurable Fulll Screen Navigation


The Fjord theme has been already published in the marketplace:


In my opinion Liferay needs lots of themes to showcase it's capabilities, when we see the likes of Wordpress having 1000s of themes available to choose from, it becomes really hard to sell Liferay to real world clients.

This theme is my personal favourite (out of the others, Porygon and Westeros) well done to the developers involved in designing it.

Finally, it would be great if the devs make the source code available on Github for designers to learn how to develop themes in the 7.x context.

Many thanks
Think I've found the source code here:
Yes, I think themes are a good tool to show Liferay capabilities.

And yes, all those themes are in Github:
Hi Marcos. Hope you are still checking this - I am not finding the custom theme source code. No button on the Marketplace pages and the links above also are not available... I only see westerns WARs under tags and in the regular branches I only see classic... Can we get source for these others? It would be nice to know what the changed files are for each...
Hey Daniel,

You can find the source code in 7.0.x branch: