New Liferay Faces release - The alloy:accordion component

Continuing in the spirit of Juan Gonzalez’s excitement over the new portal components, let me introduce a new Liferay Faces Alloy component which will be included in the the upcoming GA release.  Following the example set by our friends on the AlloyUI team, we packaged their toggler as a  JSF component.  

Q: What advantages does JSF bring to the table?

A: All the power you would expect from the Java EE standard webapp UI framework.

AlloyUI Toggler + JSF Liferay Faces alloy:accordion


features added using JSF:

  • renders your menu from a collection, providing developers with the ability to iterate over a data model via the standard “value” and “var” attributes.

  • usage of @ResourceDependency support from JSF 2.

  • Broadcasts the tabExpanded and tabCollapsed server-side events when the users selects a tab.

features brought to the table by AlloyUI:

  • Beautiful easing animation!

features brought to you by the Liferay Faces team:

  • auto-detects Liferay and uses its bootstrap css … your portlet looks like an out of the box portlet.

  • all of the Liferay Faces Alloy components work outside of Liferay in a plain webapp.

For more information, take a look at the Liferay Faces Showcase, or visit our documentation.  Enjoy using Liferay Faces Alloy!