New Liferay 6.1 Feature - Remote Development from Liferay IDE

I'd like to mention one of the new features in the upcoming release of Liferay 6.1, which is the remote development and deployment support from Liferay IDE.  The idea is that with this feature you can build Liferay projects in Liferay IDE like normal but instead of the Liferay server running locally it is running on a remote host.  This is accomplished through two things, 1) new remote server adapter in Liferay IDE and 2) Server manager plugin (new in 6.1) deployed to the remote Liferay server 

This feature will be officially available with the Liferay 6.1 CE release, but since it is only in beta, now is a good time to try it out and give feedback.

For those who wish to try this out here are the steps to setting it up.

1. Download the Liferay Portal 6.1 Beta4 Tomcat bundle (Only tomcat is supported in beta4,  both JBoss and Glassfish will be supported by 6.1 GA release)

2. Start Tomcat bundle on remote host (or even localhost)

3. Download the Server Manager plugin for 6.1 Beta4 (This plugin provides the API needed by Liferay IDE to administer remote plugins)

4. Deploy Server Manager plugin into remote Tomcat server

5. Install the latest stable or nightly version of Liferay IDE (links are updatesite URLs to use in Eclipse install manager)

6. Create a new server in Liferay IDE, File > New > Server > Liferay > Remote Liferay Server

7. Specify a local tomcat bundle for the runtime stub (this is needed for libraries to compile project)

8. Specify the IP address of remote tomcat server along with Omni admin username/password

Once you have done this you should see the server console log messages printed in the normal Eclipse console view.

9. Create and deploy Liferay projects as usual then publish (deploy) them to the server, see Liferay IDE getting started guide for a walkthrough of this.

Now when you modify files in your project, every 15 seconds it will publish the delta of any changes to remote server.  However, you can publish changes immediately using the "publish" action in the servers view.  If you want to change the automatic publish rate you can do that in the server configuration editor (double click server in Servers view).

For anyone who decides to try this out and want to give feedback with suggestions or problems please either open a JIRA ticket for the IDE project or enter a new topic on the IDE forums.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Nice feature!
Hi Thiago,

So I didn't mention that Ext is the exception, it can't be deployed remotely yet.
It doesn't seem to support loging into the server by using public-private key pairs (and not normal passwords). Right?
Correct, right now it just uses basic authentication to connect to the server-manager plugin.
Good to know!!Nice feature
Greg, this is amazing. Thanks.
Greg. Keep up the good work. Loving it
Very Super ;)

Question. Should I open JIRA issue? I can't see "Remote Liferay" option even in nightly builds... thanks
Hello Fuad Efendi,

Could you create a new topic on the Liferay IDE Forums? I'd like to ask a few questions first before you open a JIRA issue, we may be able to figure out why you can't see the Remote Liferay option there.
Cool one.. i will love this one. emoticon
I am curious whether you have plans for integration with 3d party tools like cargo / maven? I would like to be able to use the remote deployment feature to deploy from Jenkins / maven.
Hi Dimitri,

Liferay IDE 2.0 will have maven support so you will be able to use any maven 3rd party plugin, like cargo, webby, etc.
Hi Gregory,

Maybe I didn't make myself clear. What I mean is that the maven cargo plugin has various options for remote deployment servers, like tomcat or glassfish. Do you have plans to add liferay as a cargo remote deployment option?
Oh I see, thanks for explaining. No, we don't have any plans for that currently.
Thanks. Any ETA on the IDE 2.0 BTW?
No ETA as of yet. I will try to update the roadmap for IDE as soon as I know more.
Hi Gregory Amerson,

I've read your blog with the help of this I am doing the same thing in Liferay Developer Studio 1.5.2.v201203030830 with Liferay JBoss bundled (liferay-portal-jboss-6.1.10-ee-ga1-20120223174854827) but sut some how unable to get the desired result. I am getting the this type of error ---------

Liferay Portal Community Edition is only available if a valid installation of Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition version 6.1 is also configured.
So can you please help me what i am missing?As I am a newbee to liferay.
Hi Greg, I'm also facing same issue mentioned by Partha Baral.
"Liferay Portal Community Edition is only available if a valid installation of Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition version 6.1 is also configured."

I have a licensed Liferay Developer Studio 1.5.2 with Liferay Tomcat bundled (liferay-portal-6.1.10-ee-ga1).

Please help me what I'm doing wrong here.

Partha Baral,

Please let me know if you are able to solve this issue.

Hi Partha and Vijay,

Can you ensure that your licensed EE server is configured as a local server (liferay portal 6.1 EE) in your Studio? make sure that you have started the server once to make sure that the license manager can create a valid license. Because Developer Studio needs to check with the License Manager of the Portal EE server to verify it has valid license.
Hi Greg,

Issue got resolved. Thanks for your help.
Hey guys, i got a problem with my remote server. It is sooooo sloooooow. What is a possible reason for this?
hi, can anyone tell me how do that with JBOSS AS 7. Use Liferay bundled Jboss.
While connect remote server i am getting " Could not connect to the server manager. Make sure the server manager plugin is installed on remote Liferay instance."

Can anyone tell me how install the server manager plugin into remote server.
Hello Kiran, If you install the nightly build of IDE (1.6.1) then in the new remote server wizard there is a hyperlink that will redirect you to the portal instance and automatically setup the marketplace portlet to install the correct application (remote ide connector). I hope to make a blog post about this very soon.
Hi Greg,

Is the support for JBoss available as remote server ?
I cannot see JBoss server for "Liferay bundle type" in above step-7.

I am using JBoss Developer Studio. I have installed Liferay IDE plugin from 1.6.1 update site:

I want to use "JBoss Dev Studio" with Liferay IDE plugin as IDE, standalone JBoss-AS-7.1.1 as runtime and Liferay-6.1.1 war installed on JBossAS.

Any suggestions/help?