New features

Whew!   A new release of Liferay Faces is out the door for you to use.

But I also wanted to mention some cool new features that the gurus of Liferay Faces have been working on.   These new features can be gleaned from the parent pom in the master branch, so let's take a look:


What does this mean?

1) HTML5 support
2) Resource Library Contracts (a toned down Multi-Templating)
3) Faces Flows
4) Stateless views

and two new demos to show off some of these features

1) jsf2-html5-portlet
2) jsf2-flows-portlet


What does this mean?

a new primefaces4-portlet demo


What does this mean?

This means that all of these portlets and features above are currently being tested on the newest versions Liferay Portal (6.2.0-ga1 and the Enterprise Edition

You can try these new demo portlets and features for yourself by building Liferay Faces From Source.

Also, if you are new to Liferay, or if you learn by doing, try one of these two new tutorials to get a feel for using Liferay Faces.

1) PrimeFaces Portlet Tutorial
2) Generate a portlet using maven