Log Persister Updated for 7.3

Just a quick one...

I've just updated my Log Persister project for Liferay 7.3. You can find it under the 7.3 branch:

For those that aren't aware, I introduced the Log Persister here:

Normally Liferay does not persist logging. If you make any changes in the System Admin control panel's Log Levels tab, those changes only apply while the node is running. As soon as you shut down the node, those changes that you made are lost.

The Log Persister module creates a ServiceBuilder entity to store logging level settings and uses a PortletFilter to intercept the calls to the Server Administration control panel so the log level changes would also get sent to the log config ServiceBuilder service for storage, and at node startup the filter has an @Activate method that will read all of the stored log level configs and apply them.

Personally I love love love using this module. I keep it in all of my local development environments because it ensures that my logging config changes in the UI will be in place the next time I start them up...