Liferay Sync 3 Now Available!

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New Liferay Sync UI

Today Liferay released Liferay Sync 3, the latest version of its popular document sharing add-on for Liferay. Download it from the Downloads page, read the official documentation, and see below for more details on this release!


You can get Liferay Sync (server and Desktop clients) from the Downloads page. Mobile users can download Sync clients from Google Play or Apple Appstore. Note that the final iOS version of Sync 3 is pending app store approval. Also note that for Liferay Portal 6.2 you will need to update your Liferay installation by installing the Sync Connector Web plugin from the Liferay Marketplace (for CE or EE), and then update your desktop and/or mobile clients with the new release.

What's New?

  • A completely revamped, modern and intuitive UI for both Mobile and Desktop.
  • Sync Desktop allows connections with multiple portal instances.
  • Administrators can decide which Sites can be sync'd and which cannot.
  • Administrators can pause / resume syncing, configure max connection counts, and more.
  • Smart differencing (Desktop Only) - Sync only sends and receives minimal differences when files are updated - not the whole file - no matter the file type
  • Enhanced Security Mode (Mobile Only) - encrypts on-device files and integrates with device security (e.g. Touch ID for iOS).


If you are already using Liferay Sync and want to upgrade, you first upgrade your server-side Sync Connector plugin by downloading either the CE or EE connector from the Liferay Marketplace. No data migration is necessary.

To update your clients, simply install the new versions to replace the old versions. If you are upgrading from Sync 1, you will need to re-configure your connection settings after upgrade. If you're upgrading from Sync 3 Beta releases, your settings will be maintained.


See the downloads page for details, but basically:

  • Sync 3 (Desktop) requires Liferay Portal 6.2 with an updated Sync Connector plugin
  • Sync 3 for Mobile requires Liferay Portal 6.1+ (with no plugin required) or Liferay Portal 6.2+ with the updated Sync Connector plugin.


The Liferay Documentation Team has been continuously adding and improving on the official documentation, based on customer and community feedback.

Differences between Desktop and Mobile

There are a few differences between Mobile and Desktop that you should be aware of.
  • Liferay Sync Mobile can only connect to one Liferay instance (but does support multiple Sites within that instance). Liferay Sync Desktop can connect to multiple instances.
  • Liferay Sync Mobile will only download file contents on demand (when you select the files) to conserve network bandwidth and limited storage on most devices.

Bug Reporting and Feedback

Sync Mobile users will find a Send Feedback button on the app's configuration screen. Alternatively, for Sync Desktop and Mobile users, you can post a message in the Liferay Sync forum describing the issue along with any relevant screenshots, stack traces from log files, environmental descriptions, etc. it's also a good place to start discussions about features you desire in future releases and provide feedback in general.

What's Next

Of course we in the Liferay Community are interested in your take on the new features in Liferay Sync 3. Work has already begun on the next major release, based on user feedback and community ideas (e.g. SSO Compatibility, White Labelling). 


This release was produced by Liferay's worldwide engineering team, and involved many hours of development, testing, writing documentation, translating, testing some more, and working with the wider Liferay community of customers, partners, and developers to incorporate all sorts of contributions, both big and small. We are glad you have chosen to use Liferay, and hope that it meets or exceeds your expectations!
Hi James,
what's about the Liferay-Sync Linux client?
Will the available v1.x client still work flawlessly with the new v3 Liferay-Sync Server?
Will there be a v3 Linux client soon? Or at least some time later?
Stefan, good question.. unfortunately the existing beta Linux client will not work with the new Sync 3 server plugin. The sync team is considering the possibility of a new Linux client, but no definite plans yet. I'll mention your post to the team. Thanks!