Liferay Screens Beta 2 for iOS is out!

Hi Liferay Screeners!

After several months of hard work and few presentations to show you the first beta of Liferay Screens, we're ready to release this second beta. This version is full of fixes you reported and new features you requested after our presentations, in our forums or via email during the first phase of the beta program.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about yet, Liferay Screens is our new product to simplify and speed up the development of native mobile apps using Liferay Portal as backend. So, instead of writing or copy/pasting repetitive code over and over again, you can reuse our library of pre-built visual components, what we call Screenlets, and just customize the look & feel to meet your app visual style. You can even add new features or modify existing Screenlet’s behaviours to better fit your needs.

Regarding this new release, you can see a full report below. Here you can download the latest version from the project's page and here you can read the installation instructions.

We're really grateful for this vibrant and exciting community! All of our products evolve based on your feedback, requests, bug reports and code contributions (yeah, we had the first one in Liferay Screens too!), so please don't be shy and become part of the Screens Family!


Release Notes

User Stories

  • [LMW-80] - Support iOS7 on WebContentDisplay screenlet
  • [LMW-81] - Support customized cell views for one specific field name
  • [LMW-110] - Support landscape orientation on full screen DDLForms
  • [LMW-121] - Pull-to-refresh patttern in BaseListScreenlets based screenlets
  • [LMW-122] - Support all asset's fields in AssetListScreenletEntry
  • [LMW-125] - Allow to combine several columns to show in the DDLList
  • [LMW-126] - Provide Showcase app to show users how to use each screenlet
  • [LMW-130] - Support auto-load property in all screenlets based on BaseList
  • [LMW-134] - Allow changing LiferayServer properties programatically
  • [LMW-138] - Include LICENSE file


  • [LMW-111] - Standard method to get current locale doesn't return the locale when you only change the language
  • [LMW-116] - Duplicate “loading lists” message after clicking on the load button
  • [LMW-117] - The default theme should allow child themes to set custom background color of buttons
  • [LMW-118] - The login screenlet does not center correctly
  • [LMW-119] - AssetListScreenlet does not show all the blog entries
  • [LMW-124] - DDL List when userId is 0 should return all records


  • [LMW-115] - Solve issues from betatester report - Mediasoft