Liferay Screens 1.0 is out!

Dear community, we have exciting news to share with you today.

But before the announcement, let me tell you a brief story: one year ago, I was trying to learn the fundamentals of Liferay, hacking with some small features in the WCM team. During those days, I was constantly thinking about how valuable would be all those features for the mobile apps I used to develop in previous companies I worked for.

Then I came across the Mobile SDK and a new world of possibilities appeared. With Mobile SDK, all Liferay features were reachable from native mobile apps, and since our portals are more and more used from different devices, it was definitely a game changer.

Click to go to product pageBut in the back of my mind I was missing a piece in the puzzle: Liferay Portal provides a lot of ready-to-use features and they're exposed in websites through portlets, but... how can I expose that same functionality in a native app? Since the Mobile SDK is the plumbing to consume Liferay's APIs in an easy way, why not to follow the portlet-like approach in the mobile world?

I wrote a quick and dirty prototype, presented it internally and... you know what? they liked it, the idea got support and Liferay Screens' journey started! 

A couple of months later that prototype became a bit less dirty, then several betas were released, we even had a wonderful visit in our team and finally, after a lot of feedback received from the community, we've just reached the version 1.0.

We're very proud of the work done by the team, and above all, very excited to open a new path for our Liferay community and customers. With Liferay Screens you can explore the native-way to satisfy your users, you can quickly deliver mobile apps and best of all, you'll make the most of the investment done in your Liferay Portal.

Some are surprised "how a horizontal portal like Liferay and iOS or Android could be in the same sentence?", but I have something to tell you: get used to it, this is just the beginning (:

Visit our brand new product page NOW!

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Liferay Screens helped me quickly make an app; that leveraged data on my website; so great to hear this milestone announcement! Especially like DDL support; since OOB JSON API lacked!
It's good to head Bijan!

I'd love to know more about your project and how Screens would help you even more!
To build a "Next Actions" application; it helps me organize my work actions; so I know what I've done and need to do. I'll add a note to write a blog on it; though it may be a while till I have time! In end, Screens saved me a good deal of time; and I appreciate the work ya'll did.
Your app looks great.
I'm eager to read that blog post (don't forget to add the reminder in your app emoticon
I added it and what great chance right now:

I will participate with app I made (also will write Blog post detailing it)!
Great work guy !!!

Waiting for this release. It will really help a lot and as per current tread moving on Native really help full.

Yatin Patel
Great Work in Mobile Development! Happy to see Liferay in Mobile Development as well
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