Liferay Portal 6 Version Announcement

Liferay Portal 6 (code name: Bunyan)

The next version of Liferay Portal internally code named Bunyan, will be released as Liferay Portal 6.  Previously the team had considered naming the version 5.3 as a follow on to Liferay Portal 5.2  However, after review of the set of features and the future development strategy for our customers and community, it was decided to release with a major version number change.  

Some major features to consider within Liferay Portal 6 are:

Content and Knowledge Mgmt Platform Mgmt
  Sharing content   Portlet perf monitoring
  Tags and categories   Auditing
  Custom attributes   Analytics and Tracking
  Abuse reporting   ClusterLink
  Difference view   Scripting base mgmt
  Asset publisher and filters   Sharding
  Knowledge base plugin  
  Integrated workflow  
Extensions and Integrations UI and Usability
  Generic asset framework   Simplified navigation
  Alloy UI framework   Improved UI for doc lib
  Personalization rules engine   1 Click page creation
  Scripting framework   1 Click new community
  Liferay services in portlets   Simple content authoring
  Integration with external systems  




Hi Paul. Really really interesting. Also a new release policy has been adopted. What about Preview and GA? Will be only a bug fix period?

What about changes related documentation? Will we available soon?

Thank you very much for this info, I waited for this long time because bug below in ver 5.2.3 is very unpleasent:
May I ask you for informatin, if you know, of course, if this bug is fixed in this CE release, please,
thanks in advance,
Yep - that bug is fixed in 6 CE
Thanks a bunch for the ahead of time announcement! It's a relief to be able to plan for these things.
Sir, Thanks for this useful information. With great set of nice features, I am anxiously waiting for release of Liferay 6 ( Bunyan ).
Where can we download the liferay 6 ?
Early access for downloads will remain in current location:
When will the download link be available at
Tomcat there now
preview release link for liferay 6.0? emoticon
er ... looked at the page, can only see version fives, not a version six.

I did try the nightly build, but when I hit startup.bat it just blinked a console window at me and did nothing more.

Feeling miserable now.
I tried the same in a windows console with the 3/2/2010 nightly build.

The JAVA_HOME environment variable is not defined correctly
This environment variable is needed to run this program
NB: JAVA_HOME should point to a JDK not a JRE

C:\dev\lr\liferay-portal-6.0.0\tomcat-6.0.24\bin>echo %JAVA_HOME%

As you can see from echo command, JAVA_HOME is defined. There seems to be some issues with the windows .bat scripts.
In each of the nightly builds, I have found two files that need to be modified. They are both in the liferay/tomcat/ folder area:

The first four lines I put a "rem" at the begining of each line.
rem if not "%JAVA_HOME%" == "" (
rem set JAVA_HOME=
rem )

rem set JRE_HOME=%CATALINA_HOME%/jre1.6.0_18/win

set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Dfile.encoding=UTF8"%CATALINA_HOME%/conf/jaas.config" -Dorg.apache.catalina.loader.WebappClassLoader.ENABLE_CLEAR_REFERENCES=false -Duser.timezone=GMT -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m

I change the line that begins with "common.loader=" from



Thanks Steve. That worked for me.
Thanks Steve, it's very useful.
Hi Paul...

I got Liferay Portal 6 from svn trunk.... I can't see it available on download section right now.

Anyway I've build it from the source and got it deployed..
I've run into some problems which I could pass thought... that I post here.

1 -> ant deploy fails if a previous compile target is not specified.

2 -> couldn't find any task that configures tomcat (I'm using tomcat 6 by the moment) ... jars are copied into TOMCAT_HOME/lib/ext but the file that must be changed in way to load these jars are not updated (I've manually done that).

3 -> on deploy I got an error related to a class that does some ckeck:

17:50:28,392 WARN [MagicMimeMimeDetector:540] eu.medsea.mimeutil.detector.InvalidMagicMimeEntryException: Invalid Magic Mime Entry: [VOLUME1\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SHIMENG.DLL\DEVICE\HARDDISKVOL]: file "/etc/magic.mime": before or at line 1
eu.medsea.mimeutil.detector.InvalidMagicMimeEntryException: Invalid Magic Mime Entry: [VOLUME1\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\SHIMENG.DLL\DEVICE\HARDDISKVOL]
at eu.medsea.mimeutil.detector.MagicMimeEntry.<init>(

I'm currently on Linux (Debian Lenny) so...I guess or this is configurable or some harcoding some where ...(Will check it later right now is not critical..)

4 -> portal war is not correctly packed... themes are not build ..when launch browser to access portal page blanks since on themes directory (classic and control_panel) only exists the _diffs folder so ...VM templates are not loaded (I've updated manually those folder with right content and I can use the portal now).

7 -> today I got some error on firebug saying that jquery not exist... but it works and actually exists.. (not got it before) but things keep working..

8 -> Today I've started again the portal tomcat instance... and (I didn't have it clear yesterday when I was playing with it) ... but I think portal data are not being persisted.. all changes I've made yeterday (added some pages and portlets) are lost .. and I'm asked for accept license I've never been logged into the portal (I'm using mysql ...) and I'll try to confirm this...which is a big issue!!

Right now what I have seen was really nice... love this new version .. I've been playing around with search .,.. love it emoticon

Now just some quick questions...

1 -> I've seen some maven... I guess plugins and portal are starting to be mavenized finally...

2 -> I've seen a mix too of FTL template files and VM files... Will Freemarker be the preferred method to templating from now on ? ... Journal content supports Freemarker templates on this version and how to

3 -> this one I can't figure out... ext development environment... How to build it? not found any target on ant build files like the previous build-ext target.

Thanks and regards,

Issue 8 ... was incorrect... I'm starting hypersonic now and not mysql... some deployment must not have copy

Some details:

Issue 7: Liferay 6 does not include by default jQuery ( and I was using my custom theme on it that uses it. Solved

Issue 3: made some tests and it's related to mime-util.jar and Magic-Mime detector... I've sent to mime-util dev just a test that reproduces the error. (is not Liferay related).

issues 1, 2 ,4. Confirmed!
Where can I get the Liferay 6 build? I read somewhere CE was supposed to come on 16th and at other that it will come on 26th, but still can't find it anywhere . . .
Here are the early releases:
If I'm currently using Liferay Portal 5.2.3 bundled with Tomcat 6.0.0 what is the easiest way to update.

Is there a Produccion release date?
bump! bump! bump!

Any date for CE GA?
Watch for Liferay 6 Release Candidate in the next few days. Note - a release candidate is not the GA version. I'll have more details soon.
I just downloaded, built and deployed from trunk.

It looks very nice!

I did find a number of usability issues that would be worth reporting, that is, if you guys consider this is a good time to report. I could have created LEP tickets but thought I would ask first. Sometimes a simple punch list, when there are a good number of small issues helps better.

Please advise!
Hi Paul!

Which liferay 6 source branch would you recommend to download from the trunk?

Any place we could find the hints/tools that help to convert 5.2.2 to 6.0?

More info on using the EXT project inside the SDK?

Thank you,

No updates on liferay 6 since a long time. When is liferay 6 is going to be launched?
Please check out the Liferay 6 Release candidate at:
thanks Paul, much appreciated!
Road map for liferay 6 is not updated since a long time. Any updates on dates?
CE Release candidate 2 will be posted in the next few days. Thanks for keeping pressure on me.
Hi Paul,
We are planning to go for Enterprise Edition of Liferay but would want to deploy Liferay 6.
What do you think about release dates for Liferay 6 EE?
Does it look feasible around July end?
Is there any time tracker publicly available?

Hi!~ Awesome work. =)

When's the next release? I've been encountering quite a number of bugs in the current Liferay 6. I'm working on a huge projects and some concerns I have right now are as follows:
- editor not wysiwyg (from: Control Panel -> Web Content -> [open one web content]
- Roles (Define Permission) options to choose not showing

Massive thanks. Cheers!
The new look is really great and I'm looking forward to v6. I wanted to test out Liferay 6 with the current data I have in Liferay 5.2.3 however importing the data always yields and invalid data error. One thing I noticed though was that v6 eats more memory than 5.2.3 and is quite slow when it comes to rendering. It might be my machine but 5.2.3 run smoothly on it. Also when you go to the control panel, the "Back to Guest" link is always localhost:8080 and not the correct hostname.
Does anyone know when Liferay 6 GA will be released? Brian estimated the end of June, we are in the middle of July now. Is there any specific date?
Is that liferay 6.0.3

is the G.A final release..........

let me know....
That is the CE GA release. Look for the EE release very soon.
We have got 6.0 EE version but it does not have Workflow , Rules Engine features. We have got tomcat bundle and installed it. However , we had seen workflow in control in CE edition of 6.0
Liferay 6 EE SP1 is now available in the Customer Portal.
Paul, is the KB Plugin part of 6.0.6 CE or 6.0 EE? We are trying to evaluate the functionality, but we are having a hard time getting a WAR file that we can deploy on 6.0.6 CE. Maybe it is just my lack of experience with Liferay, but I can't tell how the KB Plugin is associated with the 6.0 release. We currently use a partner provided solution that runs on Liferay 5.2 EE SP3, but we are looking at 6 for other solutions.
Jason, check here:

If you are looking to convert to EE let me know and / or click on the "Try EE for 30 Days" link on the left here:
Paul, thanks for the reply. We are definitely looking at EE as well. We downloaded the 30 day trial, but we still haven't figured out how to deploy the KB Plugin. The message you directed me to mentions a Production version of the KB plugin for 6.0 EE, but I am not sure how it is obtained. Is it part of the install, is it a WAR file we have to download and deploy, or do we have to download source code, compile/build, and then deploy.
I spoke to someone in sales that will email you the link for the KB Plugin. Send a note to "", subject, "KB Plugin" and they'll send it right over.
I am trying to upgrade liferay 5.2.3 with liferay 6.0.6.
I am using Oracle DB. I am able to upgrade DB.
After migrating ext environment to EXT Plugin iam getting some errors.
Please tell me whether we can upgrade liferay 5.2.3 to liferay 6.0.6 directly with Oracle DB and tomcat.