Liferay Linked Data Module

Another great example of the innovation that the Liferay community keeps contributing is the recently released  Liferay Linked Data Module from IMC Technologies. Linked Data is an approach that lets you both publish and access data in a way that is semantically specified according to standard models, interoperable, cross-referenceable and remotely queryable. This way, you can not only tap on resources available on the web of data, such as DBpedia, but also make your own content available (and thus reusable and cross-referenceable). This makes for mashups that operate directly on the data level, removing the need for different proprietary APIs.
IMC calls this the Linked Data inbound/outbound approach, and here you can see a screenshot of a sample application developed to showcase the inbound approach, in which tag meanings are disambiguated by using DBpedia.
Main features:
  • Remote access to Liferay content via SPARQL
  • Supports mapping to the FOAF, SIOC and MOAT vocabularies
  • Performance optimization
  • Open source LGPL license
  • Comprehensive documentation


Can you post a link to them?
Mike, I've updated the entry with the appropriate links.
Nice, thank you, Bryan!

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