Liferay Karaf compatibility layer

Hello Liferay Community,
Christmas is coming soon and that means you probably expect your well deserved (you've been good community members, haven't you?) present from Liferay's community! So I decided to make you one! A brand new and shiny Karaf compatibility layer for Liferay 7
I know, those of you who know Karaf are now very excited! Yes remote SSH shell is there and you can now install and manage features in Liferay! Enjoy! And please send feedback!
I also know some of you have no idea what am I talking about :) Let me give you a brief explanation. Karaf is a a lightweight, powerful, and enterprise ready OSGi based container. It comes with many great features, such as dynamic configuration (which btw Liferay also has), provisioning applications, remote shell via SSH, JMX management, security layer for services and commands, instances management, ... This compatibility layer brings some of those things into Liferay:
Oh and there is already an answer to the " Wait, there is Gogo shell, why install another one?" question :)
Now go ahead, open you present, play with it and let me know how do you like it!