Liferay IntelliJ 2.0.5 Plugin Released

Liferay IntelliJ 2.0.5 plugin has been made available. Head over to this page for downloading. This plugin supports IntelliJ 231 and greater.


Release Highlights:

  • upgrade sinceBuild to 231

  • Fix github repo link and jira link error in pom.xml

  • Support absolute Liferay home path in LiferayServerConfiguration

  • Fix Elasticsearch Sidecar start issue on Liferay DXP 7.3

  • Fix compatibility problem on 2023.1

  • Update maven target-platform support for latest release portal

  • Fix Watch Action show issue

  • Fix simulation panel entry project creation issue

  • Fix read access is allowed from inside read-action issue


If you run into any issues or have any suggestions, please come find us on our community forums or report them on JIRA (INTELLIJ project), we are always around to try to help you out. Good luck!